Stainless Steel Earth Rods

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Stainless Steel Earth Rods

Earth Rods – Stainless Steel

Earth Rods

Stainless Steel To BS EN 10088

Stainless steel earth rods are designed for use where problems may be caused by galvanic corrosion due to dissimilar metals being buried in close proximity – they are produced from stainless steel rod and are internally threaded for jointing.

Stainless steel earth rods are highly resistant to corrosion and a comprehensive range of earth rod driving heads, spikes, dowels and couplers are available.

Earth rods are manufactured from stainless steel according to BS EN 10088 standard with excellent corrosion resistance for harsh environmental conditions. For installations with high resistivity soil and ground conditions requiring earth rods with increased conductivity a full range of copper earth rods are available.

Solid copper earth rods are designed for use where extremely high corrosion resistance and exceptionally long service life is required.

Commonly used where soil conditions are more aggressive, i.e. areas with high levels of salt content. Soil conditions including temperature and type, moisture content and retention all determine the overall resistivity of the earth rod and system.

Stainless Steel Earth Rods

Selection Table

AN Wallis Part Number Rod Shank Earth Rod Length Thread Size Length 1 Unit Weight Pack Quantity
ERZ 112 16mm 1200mm M10 20mm 1.87kg 5
ERZ 115 16mm 1500mm M10 20mm 2.35kg 5
ERZ 118 16mm 1800mm M10 20mm 2.83kg 5
ERZ 124 16mm 2400mm M10 20mm 3.79kg 5
ERZ 130 16mm 3000mm M10 20mm 4.75kg 5
ERZ 212 20mm 1200mm M10 20mm 2.95kg 5
ERZ 215 20mm 1500mm M10 20mm 3.71kg 5
ERZ 218 20mm 1800mm M10 20mm 4.46kg 5
ERZ 224 20mm 2400mm M10 20mm 5.96kg 5
ERZ 230 20mm 3000mm M10 20mm 7.46kg 5
ERZ 312 25mm 1200mm M12 25mm 4.64kg 1
ERZ 315 25mm 1500mm M12 25mm 5.81kg 1
ERZ 318 25mm 1800mm M12 25mm 6.99kg 1
ERZ 324 25mm 2400mm M12 25mm 9.34kg 1
ERZ 330 25mm 3000mm M12 25mm 11.69kg 1

Stainless Steel Earth Rods

AN Wallis offer a range of earth rods  ➡ Copperbond Earth Rods | Solid Copper Earth Rods

Earth Rods - Stainless Steel - Dimensions

Earth Rods – Stainless Steel – Dimensions

Driving SPikes

These driving spikes enable solid copper earth rods to be driven easily into the ground.

Spike D mm Spike L mm Earth Rod Thread Size Used With  L1 mm Unit Weight kg Pack Quantity AN Wallis Part Number
16 42 M10 Copper Rods 16mm Diameter 20 0.03 25 ERCS 16
20 51 M10 Copper Rods 19mm Diameter 20 0.06 ERCS 20
25 60 M12 Copper Rods 25mm Diameter 25 0.10 ERCS 25

Material: Steel

Wallis ERCS 25 25mm Earth Rod Driving Spikes

Driving Heads

The driving head protects the internal thread and the top of the solid copper earth rod from damage when being driven into the ground.

Head D mm Head L mm Earth Rod Thread Size Used With L1 mm Unit Weight kg Pack Quantity AN Wallis Part Number
16 38 M10 Copper Rods 16mm Diameter 20 0.03 25 ERCD 16
20 41 M10 Copper Rods 19mm Diameter 20 0.06 ERCD 20
25 45 M12 Copper Rods 25mm Diameter 25 0.10 ERCD 25

Material: Steel

Driving Heads - Dimensions

Coupling Dowels

The stainless steel coupling dowel is used for joining stainless steel earth rods together.

Thread Size L mm Unit Weight kg  Pack Quantity AN Wallis Part Number
M10 40 0.02 25 ERD 01
M10 50 0.04 ERD 01

 Material: Stainless Steel

Coupling Dowels - Dimensions


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