Copperbond Threaded Earth Rods

Copperbond Threaded Earth Rods

Earth Rods – Copperbond Threaded

Earth Rods

Pure Copper Molecularly Bonded Onto Steel Core Rod

T&D distribute the complete range of copperbond earth rods offering installers the most economical method of achieving a low earth resistance for earthing system designs – each copper earth rod has a high tensile strength and low carbon steel core.

99.95% pure copper is applied electrolytically forming a metallurgical bond between the steel core and the copper. This combination makes the copper earth rod ideal for deep driving whilst also provides lasting resistance to corrosion in aggressive soil and ground conditions.

The standard copper earth rod thickness is 0.25mm – copper bonded or clad extensible earth rods are commonly specified as part of the construction and design of UK DNO earthing systems according to ENA TS 41-24. In applications recording higher than average soil resistivity additional earth rods are usually installed at each distribution substation – vertical rods or horizontal tapes are used to reduce surface currents and/or the electrode resistance of the overall earth electrode system while controlling step/touch potentials in outdoor substations.

Copperbond earth rods are available with 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″ diameters and thread sizes 9/16″, 5/8″ and 3/4″ according to UNC-2A – solid copper earth rods also available.

AN Wallis offer a range of earth rods ➡ Stainless Steel Earth Rods | Galvanised Steel Earth Rods 

Copperbond Threaded Earth Rods


The table enables the selection of copperbond threaded earth rods when specifying copper conductors for earthing and lightning protection systems.

Threaded Copperbond Rods
AN Wallis Part Number Nominal Size Earth Rod Length Thread Size (UNC-2A) Shank (D) Length 1 Unit Weight Pack Quantity
ERB 412 1/2″ 1200mm 9/16″ 12.7mm 30mm 1.18kg 5
ERB 415 1500mm 1.55kg 5
ERB 418 1800mm 1.76kg 5
ERB 424 2400mm 2.36kg 5
ERB 112 5/8″ 1200mm 5/8″ 14.2mm 30mm 1.53kg 5
ERB 115 1500mm 1.88kg 5
ERB 118 1800mm 2.29kg 5
ERB 124 2400mm 3.00kg 5
ERB 130 3000mm 3.79kg 5
ERB 212 3/4″ 1200mm 3/4″ 17.2mm 35mm 2.19kg 5
ERB 215 1500mm 2.73kg 5
ERB 218 1800mm 3.27kg 5
ERB 224 2400mm 4.35kg 5
ERB 230 3000mm 5.44kg 5

 An unthreaded copper earth rod is also available:

Unthreaded Copperbond Rods
AN Wallis Part Number Nominal Size Earth Rod Length Shank (D) Unit Weight Pack Quantity
ERB 012 3/8” 1200 9.5 0.62 5


Copperbond Earth Rods

Copperbond earth rods for low earth resistance protection of medium/high voltage substations, buildings and LV MV HV power systems

Threaded Earth Rod Couplings

High strength threaded couplings manufactured from high copper content alloy are used to extend and join copperbond earth rods together facilitating deep driving to achieve low resistance values.

Coupling Diameter Length L Diameter D Weight AN Wallis Order Code Pack Quantity
1/2″ 70mm 20mm 0.07g ERBO 12 25
5/8″ 70mm 20mm 0.09g ERBO 16 25
3/4″ 80mm 24mm 0.14g ERBO 20 25

Material: Aluminium Bronze

Earth Rods

Threaded Couplings

Threaded Earth Rod Driving Heads

Steel driving heads are threaded into couplings on the copperbond earth rods for installation into the ground.

Driving Head Diameter Length L Diameter D Weight AN Wallis Order Code Pack Quantity
1/2″ 50mm 20mm 0.05g ERBD 12 25
5/8″ 55mm 22mm 0.08g ERBD 16 25
3/4″ 60mm 25mm 0.13g ERBD 20 25

Material: Steel

Earth Rod Heads

Driving Heads

Earth Rod Accessories

Threaded Couplings | Threaded Driving Heads use with Copperbond Earth Rods


Copperbond earth rods are a preferred earth electrode for LV MV HV substation applications – the earth resistance of the driven rod is usually measured at pole-mounted or ground mounted substations to provide lightning protection of high voltage metalwork. Where additional earth rods have to be installed, either at the MV HV substation or on the LV network, to achieve a required value of resistance either supplementary rods can be installed or earth tapes and copper earth plates.

Earthing reinforcement projects involving replacement of aged lead sheathed, steel wire armoured cables distributing 6.6kV, 11kV or 33kV electrical power often specify multiple earth connections are provided to such cables.

T&D supply DNO’s, IDNO’s, ICP’s and utility power contractors involved in the construction and maintenance of MV-HV substations – this includes duct seals for underground cable duct, cable cleats to support cables, earth tapes for substation earthing, underground cable protection and a full range of MV-HV cable joints, terminations and connectors in heat shrink, cold shrink and push-on technologies for XLPE, PILC, oil and gas insulated cables.

Substations - Cable Joints Duct Seals Cable Covers 11kV 33kV

T&D, Supporting contractors involved in MV-HV Switchgear Testing, Substation Maintenance, Cable Laying & Jointing at 11kV, 33kV & EHV

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