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MITA brand is now powered by Wibe Group.

MITA have been supporting customers through their technical journey on choosing the correct product, manufactured from GRP, in cable support applications for almost five decades. MITA are now fully separated operationally from Schneider Electric. They now have a stand alone presence in the UK market with their “Made in UK” products which are fully compliant to the related cable management standards.

MITA are marker-leaders in the manufacture of GRP non-metallic cable troughing, ladders, trays, ducts, cable support channels and Fibastrut as the brand continues to lead the industry towards a sustainable future for a wide range of low (LV), medium (MV) and high voltage (HV) cable installation applications. The GRP offer includes a complete industrial cable support and cleat systems range specifically designed for harsh and corrosive environments to carry and support electric cable, data, instrumentation, computer or power cables.

GRP Cable Support Systems

GRP Cable Support Systems

Protection of Rail Cables & LV MV HV Power Infrastructure Using Cable Troughing Systems | MITA GRP

GRP cable trough manufactured by MITA is used for trackside protection, support and management of rail power, signalling and telecoms cables – this includes 11kV/33kV high voltage armoured/unarmoured power cables to British Standards (BS6724 BS6622) and 25kV/44kV trackfeeder cables providing DC and AC electrification in accordance with Network Rail specification NR/PS/ELP/00008. MITA via their Approved Distributor Thorne & Derrick also offer a range of cable containment and support accessories for GRP cable troughs including steel posts and brackets.

Network Rail

Elevated GRP Cable Troughing manufactured by GRP protecting cable routes and associated HV and bonding cabling on the rail network.

Elevated GRP Cable Troughing manufactured by GRP protecting cable routes and associated HV and bonding cabling on the rail network. PADS Approved for Network Rail projects.


mita Features

Lightweight Density and weight are significantly lower than steel (70% lighter than steel ) with reduced handling requirements for GRP
Compression Strength Despite its lower weight, tension, flexure and compression strength of GRP is almost 20 times that of steel with much greater safety factors. It does not deform permanently under high loads. Slow heat transfer allows for even stronger mechanical resistance
Slow Heat Transfer & Resistant to Electromagnetic Pulses It is effective at temperatures between -140oC to +120oC. Resistant to electromagnetic pulses and transfers heat more slowly than steel. Composite materials are excellent insulators having a thermal conductivity 1/60 of a steel product, and do not require earthing
Zero Halogen, UV & Corrosion Resistance GRP is resistant to UV and corrosion, and is zero halogen. It is also available in low smoke classified material
Offer & Design Available in 3m and 6m lengths. Full range of pre-manufactured bends, jointing bays and transitions available for fast installation. Dedicated design facility to support bespoke solutions

mita Benefits

  • Health & Safety – GRP presents reduced risk of staff injuries due to its lightweight, easy to cut, no hot works requirement, no deburring and no sharp edges
  • Low Installation & Transport Costs – Typically between 30-40% less than steels with easier cutting, drilling and no deburring, painting or earthing
  • Long Life & Low Maintenance – Composites are corrosion resistant and maintenance free. MITA GRP products are designed and manufactured to withstand a majority of chemicals & extreme weather – without requiring further maintenance. No rusting, even when exposed to salt spray, H25, acid build up from exhaust gases or brake dust
  • Fire Performance – GRP is zero halogen. It has low heat and electrical conductivity, and is available in self extinguishing and low smoke material
  • Simpler Installations & Modifications – MITA GRP solution offers a far easier installation, without the need for painting, earth bonding or special tools. Supplying 6m or 3m lengths reduces amount of couplers required

MITA GRP Cable Trough GRP cable ladders manufactured by MITA are available in heights from 100mm to 150mm with widths from 150mm to 1000mm
Cable tray and troughing manufactured by MITA is available solid and slotted bottom, and in depths from 60mm to 210mm with widths from 50mm to 400mm. MITA Cable Tray & Troughing
MITA GRP Cable Ladder GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) provides excellent resistance to fire and the effects of corrosion.

  • MITA GMLN Series GRP Ladder
  • MITA GAL Series GRP Ladder
  • MITA GXL Series GRP Ladder


As a comprehensive manufacturer of corrosion resistant industrial cable support products, Wibe Group have the solutions and expertise to specify a suitable solution, and deliver a product which can support any type of power circuit, cable, data and instrumentation.

  • MITA CABSYS® GRP Cable Tray
  • MITA GRP Cable Containment Rail Solution
  • MITA VGRP Trough Reducers
  • MITA GRP Fixings
MITA GRP Cable Management & Support Systems
GRP Cable Support Systems As well as being the perfect accompaniment to other MITA industrial support products, this range of Channel Support Systems is ideal for mounting other industrial service items such as pipework and ducting. Fibstrut™ has high rigidity coupled with an excellent load bearing to weight ratio and of course is totally resistant to a wide range of corrosive agents.

  • GRP Channel Support Systems
  • GRP Channels
  • GRP Plates
  • GRP Brackets
  • GRP Couplers
  • GRP Supports

GRP Cable Support Solutions for every application with MITA

GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) cable support systems manufactured by MITA possess unique properties which enable them to resist many corrosive environments, particularly where conditions indicate that conventional materials may not provide an economic service life.

Constructed from glass reinforced thermoset resins, GRP is designed and manufactured with a structural integrity normally only associated with steel, but without their corrosion, weight and electrical conductivity problems.

As GRP is non conductive, there is no concern of transmitting electricity into the support system from damaged cables. Additionally there is no requirement for special support conditions to prevent electrolytic corrosion. Non conductive and non magnetic features mean a safer support system.

Technical Properties of GRP

Mechanical Properties

  • Tensile Strength 20 – 30.6 kgf/mm²
  • Compression Strength 20 – 30.6 kgf/mm²
  • Flexural Strength 20 – 30.6 kgf/mm²
  • Shear Strength 6.1 kgf/ mm²
  • Density 1.7 – 1.9 g/ cm²
  • Impact Strength 60-90 kgfcm/ cm²

Thermal Properties

  • Thermal Conductivity 0.2 – 0.3 kcal (mhºC)
  • Oxygen Index 42%
  • Operating Temperature -140 to + 120ºC

Electrical Properties

  • Dielectric Strength 7–15kV/mm
  • Insulation Resistance 3.16 x 1014

Weather Resistance

  • Water Absorption 24h = 0.15% 4 days = 0.25%
  • Weight Increase After 500h = 0.7%
Cable Support System Applications

MITA Cable Support System Applications

What is GRP?

GRP is the abbreviation of Glass Reinforced Polymer, meaning it is a man-made resin based material which makes it a polymer, reinforced with glass. Polymer itself is extremely strong. It is a fibre material and in contrary to how it sounds it is very durable – GRP is resistant to most chemicals, stretching and shrinking, resistant to mildew and abrasion as well. When it is  reinforced with glass, it becomes a structural polymer. The range is composed of ladders, trays or so called troughs in rail business language and it can support any type of power and data cable runs.

How is GRP manufactured by MITA?

GRP is manufactured by MITA through a process called pultrusion

Resin Types

MITA offers 4 main resin types to accommodate the requirements of various industrial applications which can be in chemically aggressive, demanding heated environments.

GRP Cable Support Systems POLYESTER Type 2 Referencing Convention: Ending with PY2

This type of polyester is for general applications, is resistant to
corrosion suitable in industries using heavy chemical and caustic
materials, and resistant to UV light by nature.
POLYESTER Type 1 Referencing Convention: Ending with PY1

This type of polyester has better fire retardance which makes it
suitable for railway, trackside and any other application requiring UL94
compliance and 5VA classification.
POLYESTER Type 1 Carbon Loaded Referencing Convention: Ending with PY1C

This type of polyester has anti-static properties as it contains carbon
powder. It, therefore, requires grounding. It is for on-shore and off-shore
oil and gas applications which are classified as explosive environment.
MODIFIED ACRYLIC Referencing Convention: Ending with MX

This type of polyester has anti-static properties as it contains carbon
powder. It, therefore, requires grounding. It is for on-shore and off-shore
oil and gas applications which are classified as explosive environment.

Wibe Group

Wibe Group hosts four of the world’s leading cable management brands WibeR, StagoR, DefemR and MitaR. Looking ahead to the next century, MITA are reinventing themselves. This new independent group company offers a complete, innovative range of cable ladders, cable trays and mesh trays for applications ranging from commercial buildings to extreme demanding industrial environments using GRP technology.


Thorne & Derrick provide competitive prices and fast delivery from stock for the complete range of cable troughs – an extensive range of cable troughs are available in a choice of materials to suit all performance and environmental requirements.

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