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Cable Hanging Systems

Galvanised Steel & Non-Metallic (Nylon) Cable Supports

Ellis Patents Galvanised Steel Cable Hanging Systems are cable hangers manufactured from mild steel and hot dipped after manufacture to BS EN ISO 1461:1999. The cable hangers are used predominately for supporting structures or to hang cables on tunnel walls.

Network Rail and TfL (LUL) Approved Rail Cable Hangers are used extensively throughout the rail and public mass transit systems for supporting power, signal and communication cable runs – this includes LV-HV cable support and hanging for multi-core and bundled cables on extended horizontal cable runs and hanging cables on walls and support structures, e.g. tunnel cable installations and lighting systems. The cable hangers are robust in design due to the galvanisation process. They are corrosion resistant and in the event of a fire they wouldn’t produce smoke or fumes.

The cable hangers are inherently LSF and are therefore suitable for use in the rail industry. Installed throughout rail tunnels for LV and HV power and cable support, the steel cable hangers can be found both underground and overground.

The galvanised steel cable hangers are Approved for use on the London Underground (LUL).

Custom Hangers for Cables

Special designs of steel cable hangers are available on request. E.g. Girder Hanging, 90° Twist, side by side cables – custom brackets can be engineered to support specific tunnel wall arrangement and applications. J-hanger type cable supports are manufactured from materials suitable and approved for use in tunnel environments located on Network Rail infrastructure.


Cable Hangers - Galvanised Steel Cable Hanging Systems (LV MV HV Cable)

Cable Hangers – Galvanised Steel Cable Hanging Systems

Cable Hangers – Galvanised Steel Cable Hanging Systems

A complete range of Ellis Patents cable hangers capable for handling horizontal cable runs with maximum 100mm diameter cables can be found in the below table – this includes 1 way, 2 way, 3 way, 4 way, 5 way and 6 way cable hangers.

Cable Hanger Part NumberCable Dia (mm)Dimensions (mm)Material Size (mm)Fixing Holes Dia. mmPack QuantityWeight (g)SWL * Kg
CH1W1Up to 50 145 105 20105 n/a3740 6111500200
CH2W1Up to 50 235 195 20105 903740 6111900200
CH3W1Up to 50 325 285 20105 903740 61111300200
CH4W1Up to 50 415 375 20105 903740 61111700200
CH5W1Up to 50 505 465 20105 903740 61112100200
CH6W1Up to 50 595 555 20105 903740 61112500200
CH1W251-75 170 130 20130n/a5050 6131820250
CH2W251-75 295 255 201301255050 61311480250
CH3W251-75 420 380 201301255050 61312240250
CH4W251-75 545 505 201301255050 61312980250
CH5W251-75 670 630 201301255050 61313710250

* Load Capacity: The recommended safe working load for individual hooks is detailed above. Brackets with multiple hook configurations are designed to operate with all hooks carrying their maximum load.

Cable Hangers - Galvanised Steel Cable Hanging Systems (LV MV HV Cable) - Dimensions

Cable Hangers – Galvanised Steel Cable Hanging Systems (LV MV HV Cable) – Dimensions

Non-Metallic J Type Hangers

Ellis Patents are committed to driving technology forward and improving product performance to prolong the lifespan of their cable cleats and cable hangers while improving overall rail industry safety.

As a result, Ellis Patents have now launched Pegasus Hangers – a modular cable hanging system that is stronger, lighter and more flexible than traditional galvanised steel type hangers.

Ellis Patents J Type rail cable hangers are installed throughout the global rail industry – this includes both J type cable hangers made from either galvanised steel or nylon to support rail cable runs.

Features & Benefits | Pegasus Cable Hangers

  • Composite cable hanger and enclosed with corrosion resistant aluminium spine
  • Up to 50% lighter than conventional steel hanging system, improves installation time by reducing installer fatigue
  • Will not rust or corrode – non metallic cable supports
  • Insulating hanger with excellent dielectric properties, no earth bonding or grounding required
  • Curved profile hanger design allows natural sag
  • Multiple combinations of cable hangers available
Pegasus Cable Hangers

Pegasus Cable Hangers | Thorne & Derrick can support the supply and specification of the Pegasus Cable Hanger System (non-metallic, non-conductive, high strength, corrosion resistant) for the support of LV MV Power, S&T Cables in tunnel locations. Pegasus is used to replaced traditional galvanised steel cable hanging systems – it meets the requirements of the London Underground 1-085 specification. Independent testing is carried out to prove conformance to the standard including toxicity, limited oxygen and smoke emission.

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