Concrete Cable Trough

Concrete Cable Trough

Concrete Cable Trough

Concrete Trough For Cables

Concrete cable troughs manufactured by Anderton are designed to provide permanent cable protection with easy access for cable jointing, repair and cable additions on the rail network system.

Concrete cable trough lids provide additional protection, anti-vandal deterrence and are able to withstand a 11.5 tonne wheel loading thus allowing vehicle overrun and are galvanised to prevent corrosion – with the larger trough lids providing substantial under-bracing to attain required strength.

Cable troughs and ducts provide easily accessible and an affordable but sustainable solution to rail, highways and power industries for the protection and troughing of power, signalling and telecommunications cables.

Anderton Concrete Cable Trough

Anderton Concrete Cable Trough – protecting LV, 11kV, 25kV and 33kV trackside cables on Network Rail infrastructure.

Concrete cable Trough Benefits

Network Rail GRC Cable Trough

  • Cable troughs are anti-static (non-conductive to electricity)
  • Cables buried at depth are protected against cable damaging environmental factors
  • High strength cable trough for long term cable protection
  • Cable trough allows easy access for cable repair, jointing and cable additions

Cable trough, ducts and channels are available for Pedestrian (LD), Occasional (LD) and Highways (HD) loadings.


To complement the standard straight trough and lids containment system, T&D also supply rail industry complimentary products including concrete tees, curves and transitions approved by Network Rail. Anderton concrete cable trough has full Network Rail Approval status, Certificate No. PA05/00318 & PA05/05810 and Link Up accreditation.

Concrete cable trough is in service throughout the UK Network Rail infrastructure including West Coast Main Line Upgrade, Channel Tunnel Rail Link and Southern Power Upgrade projects – installed for light rail and underground train systems at Glasgow, Newcastle, Sheffield, Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham.

Anderton also offer concrete cable trough with up to 30% reduced weight – the Anderlite range is a lightweight, user friendly and cost effective solution whilst maintaining the strengths and benefits of using concrete troughs.

Concrete Cable Trough

Concrete Cable Trough

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