GRP Cable Trough

GRP Cable Trough

GRP Cable Trough – Schneider

Protection of Rail Cables & LV MV HV Power Infrastructure

GRP cable trough manufactured by Schneider (formerly MITA) is used for trackside protection, support and management of rail power, signalling and telecommunications cables – this includes 11kV/33kV high voltage armoured/unarmoured power cables to British Standards (BS6724 BS6622) and 25kV/44kV trackfeeder cables providing DC and AC electrification in accordance with Network Rail specification NR/PS/ELP/00008.

Schneider also offer a range of cable containment and support accessories for GRP cable troughs including steel posts and brackets.

All components supplied by Schneider Electric have been manufactured in GRP composite using special ‘modar’ resin and pultrusion lamination technology.

Mita were bought out by Schneider Electric in 2009.

Mita, now Schneider Electric, is a specialist in the development and production of cable trough and management systems for low, medium and high power distribution.

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Cable Trough

Elevated Schneider Electric GRP cable troughing protecting cable routes and associated HV and bonding cabling on the rail network.

GRP Cable Trough With Lids

GRP cable trough is manufactured in a range of widths to accommodate all LV, MV & HV rail cable protection applications – the lightweight but high strength cable trough is PADS approved by Network Rail and can be used to protect horizontal or suspended cables at ground level or post elevated in underground, trackside, tunnel or bridge parapet locations.

GRP Cable Trough Width (mm) Depth 60mm Depth 80mm Depth 110mm Depth 210mm
100 GRP100-6/ NS/C GRP100/8/ NS/C GRP100-110/NS/C
150 GRP150-6/ NS/C GRP150/8/ NS/C GRP150-110/NS/C
200 GRP200-6/ NS/C GRP200/8/ NS/C GRP200-110/NS/C GRP150-210/NS/C B
300 GRP300-6/ NS/C GRP300/8/ NS/C GRP300-110/NS/C
400 GRP400/8/ NS/C GRP400-110/NS/C

*Bracket width should be 50mm wider than cable troughing width

Steel Support Posts For Use With GRP Cable Trough

Steel Posts

Steel Posts For GRP Cable Troughs

Single Sided

MPS14 – 1400mm x 100mm x 50mm
MPS24 – 2400mm x 100mm x 50mm

MPS = single sided post for up to 2 troughs

Double Sided

MPD14 – 1400mm x 100mm x 50mm
MPD 24 – 2400mm x 100mm x 50mm

MPD = double sided post for up to 4 troughs

Brackets for use with GRP Cable Trough

Part Ref GRP Cable Trough Size Bracket Dimensions mm (H x W x D)
BRK150 GRP100 230 x 150 x 110
BRK200 GRP150 230 x 200 x 110
BRK250 GRP200 230 x 250 x 110
BRK350 GRP300 230 x 350 x 110
BRK450 GRP400 230 x 450 x 110



Brackets For GRP Cable Troughs