Omicron MPD 800 | The Future of Partial Discharge Testing

Published 10 Mar 2020

Partial Discharge | Universal partial discharge measurement and analysis system

Partial Discharge Measurement & Analysis for Power Cables

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Omicron MPD 800

MPD 800 universal partial discharge (PD) measurement and analysis system, the next generation of the widely-used and innovative MPD PD testing technology from OMICRON.

Advanced hardware and software features ensure highly-sensitive single- or multi-channel PD measurements for reliable, industry-standard PD testing on power transformers, rotating electrical machines (motors and generators), power cables, instrument transformers, switchgear, industrial drives and electrical components.

The configurable, multi-language MPD 800 software allows you to select only the PD measurement and analysis features you need for specific PD tests and individualised reporting. Powerful noise suppression and PD source separation techniques ensure reliable PD analysis in areas with high levels of interference.

The MPD 800 PD testing system accurately detects and localizes insulation defects and helps you to assess the risk of failure in electrical equipment during research and development, factory testing, site acceptance testing (commissioning), as well as in-service troubleshooting for effective maintenance planning.

“The MPD software guides you through the entire PD measurement process on power cables, and it provides you with detailed analysis and individualized reporting.”

➡ Featured with the kind permission of David Brazier (Area Sales Manager & Site Manager at Omicron Electronics)

MPD 800 Universal Partial Discharge Measurement & Analysis System – Brochure

Meets industry standards. The MPD 800 measures partial discharge in compliance with the IEC 60270 standard to ensure the reliable detection of PD activity in high-voltage power cables.

Reliable noise filtering. The MPD 800 provides you with a free choice of measurement frequency and bandwidths to maximize measurement sensitivity in environments with high interference.

Advanced analysis tools. MPD 800 uses advanced graphical tools, such as 3PARD (3-Phase Amplitude Relation Diagram), to separate multiple partial discharge sources for reliable fault detection.

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