I’m Now A 4 Day Cable Jointer

Published 22 Nov 2017

I'm Now A 4 Day Cable Jointer

intro by Chris Dodds - Thorne & Derrick International 

I woke recently and toyed with the idea of career change. One Costa later I just went for it.

So I Google searched “cable jointer training“.

I booked that 4 day course, turned up, collected my certificate – I am now a Cable Jointer.

With paperwork to prove it.


Next move, carpet bomb LinkedIn recruiters with my new CV, sit back and wait for work.

OK, this is a personal fiction but a common occurrence in the UK jobs market.

There is increasing concern in the electrical industry in general and the Cable Jointing trade specifically about a trend of “fast-track” training courses propelling underskilled manpower into a crowded labour market. Inflicting damage on day rates, earnings and livelihoods.

We’re talking day rate differences of £150 v £500/600.

This is rather bloody serious – the view from the cable trench is that the industry is lawless and time-served experienced craftsmen are the furious victims. Some are fastly loosing faith in their trade, some would say their craft, some even their art. Their pockets are hurting.

There is not a skills desert out there but there is an unwillingness, in part, to recognise the monetary value of their skill, experience and ability.

A curative response is needed to stem the tide – no end of soul-baring spleen venting social media posts will remedy this situation. We’ve lamented the demise of “The Jointer” before – we’ve kicked up stinks and many have smelt the pong if not righted the wrong.

Nevertheless, lets continue the crusade and champion the real-deal Jointer.

Because in 4 days time more cable jointers will be on the job-market for hire.

But can they wipe, glass, strip, chamfer or plumb cable?

MV HV Cables 11kV 33kV

Thorne & Derrick – Distributors Of MV HV 11kV 33kV Joints, Terminations & Connections

66kV Cable Jointer Training

Two Times More Power. Jointers! Empower your CV and skill-set by grasping the 66kV Jointer Training opportunity. Jointers must currently be 33kV Competent and experienced to be ready to undertake the step-up to 66kV from 33kV.

Many cable jointers hold a diversity of accreditations from leading brands such as Nexans Euromold, Brugg, ABB, Pfisterer, Prysmian and 3M – they possess the expertise to joint across an extensive range of medium and high voltage cables (polymeric, gas and oil filled) using cold shrink, heat shrink or push-on HV cable joints, terminations and connectors.

This skill-set is developed over years and contrasts sharply with the generic jointer familiarised with the “specific joint for specific cable” approach of some training centres.

Of course, training is core to career progression without which young, skilled and gifted trainees could never develop – the industry would stagnate to eventual extinction.

Well we’ve blown the trumpet, now we need you – the industry – to rally to the call and let us know your thoughts and opinions. We will feature them on this Post.

11kV 33kV Joints Terminations Connectors

The following TweetDeck demonstrates the skills levels and competency of an international class EHV Cable Jointer – Andrew Brezovszky is conversant with the cable jointing techniques required for medium voltage, high voltage and extra high voltage oil filled, gas filled or polymeric cables. 20 years of cable jointing experience with Competency Certificates from leading cable accessory manufacturers including Prysmian, ABB and Pfisterer.

What you might call a real-deal Jointer.

132kV Ericsson Transition Joint - 3 Core Cable Joint XLPE Oil Filled Cable

132kV Ericsson Transition Joint – 3 Core Cable Joint XLPE To Oil Filled Cable. Image: Energi Cable Services

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