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Thorne & Derrick: Stockists & Suppliers of Furse Products

Earthing & Lightning Protection

A Supplier Overview

Since 1893, Furse has provided world leading Earthing, Lightning and Electronic Systems protection solutions.

Furse have over 125 years of experience, and design and manufacture their own products. From design and manufacture, through to risk assessment and systems design advice, Furse offers an acclaimed total solution for earthing and lightning protection.

Furse has remained a constant force in an unpredictable world; even throughout a century that has seen such remarkable social and technological change. Acquired by ABB Group in 2012, the Furse brand is established as a world leader in earthing and lightning protection, with products specified and installed in many distinguished projects globally.

The combined expertise of Furse and the experience within the electrical sector that ABB provides, allows them to share the knowledge they hold in key industry sectors with customers. This results in properly informed decision making on the best earthing and lightning protection solutions. Furse earthing analysis uses state-of-the-art software to determine the step and touch voltages, earth potential rise and fall, and hot/cold site classification of the site generated by the initial design.

Furse Earthing

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Services include:

  • Lightning Protection Solutions
  • Soil Resistivity Surveys
  • Analysis & Earthing Design
  • Earth Resistance Testing

The expertise and experience of which Furse have attained has constructed and helped to develop their exceptional service; offering specialist advice from fully qualified engineers, as well as solutions that save money and use minimal material. Furse also offer design solutions: using the latest computer aided design and modelling software to produce detailed system designs for any complexity.

This produces high quality earth electrode and lightning protection designs, in compliance with globally recognised standards. Designs are tailored and installed using the most appropriate and up-to-date products. Knowledge of the latest standards ensures designs and products comply with the latest IEC/BS EN/NFPA/UL standards.

why do we need lightning protection?

Lightning is a real and significant threat. Containing astonishing amounts of electrical energy. Lightning discharges have been measured from several thousand to over 200,000 Amps (enough to light half a million 100 Watt bulbs). Although very short in duration, a lightning strike can cause tremendous damage and destruction.

Devastating consequences:

  • Direct lightning strikes damage structures, and create fire, explosion and electric shock hazards.
  • Indirect lightning (up to a kilometre away) creates transient over voltages which degrade electronic systems and disrupt essential services.

While the effects of a direct lightning strike are immediately obvious, secondary effects of lightning can be less visible; which can lead to equally catastrophic devastation, and damage to electronic systems within structures.

Furse Earthing

These frightening photos of lightning from a hurricane above Miami, Florida in the USA were taken after the storm left a trail of destruction in the Caribbean. Credit: Chad Weisser | Caters News

The need for a total solution

Lightning protection throughout the world is now governed by National and International standards which stress the need for a comprehensive solution. A structural lightning protection system cannot and will not protect electronic systems from lightning currents and transient over voltages. This is why a total solution to earthing and lightning protection is encouraged. This approach to lightning protection is now fully endorsed by the IEC/BS EN 62305, as well as NFPA 780 standards.

NFPA 780 Lightning Protection Systems

Buy A Copy Of The NFPA 780 Lightning Protection Systems Standards.

Furse delivers an approach demonstrating effective life safety, as well as long lasting and reliable protection of a structure and the electronic systems within. This solution is tailored and covers a wide range of sectors; providing dependable, long term lightning protection and earthing.

Furse Products

Contact Thorne & Derrick for competitive prices on the complete range of Furse products.

  • Conductors
    • Bare conductors, bare stranded & tinned conductors
    • Hard drawn bar & PVC covered conductors
    • PVC covered conductors & guards
  • Air Termination
    • Air terminals, bases, brackets & couplings
    • Multiple point, strike pad & free-standing air termination
  • Conductor Network
    • Conductor clips
    • Standing seam roof fixings, puddle flange and holdfasts
    • Trapezoidal holdfasts and conductor clamps
  • Earth Electrodes
    • Earth rods & seal
    • Inspection pits, plate, lattice & backfill materials
  • Earth Bonds & Clamps
    • Mechanical clamps
    • Earth boss & bonds
    • Earth points & splitbolt connectors
    • Static earth connection points, flexible braid bonds & static earth clamps
  • Earth Bars
    • Earth bar & earth bars with single disconnecting link
    • Earth bar with twin disconnecting link & accessories
  • FurseWELD
  • Electronic Systems Supplies
    • Surge protection devices (SPDs) for mains power supplies
    • Surge protection devices (SPDs) for data, signal and telephone lines
    • Surge protection devices (SPDs) for computer and telephone lines
    • Surge protection devices (SPDs) for specific systems

Furse Products

over 125 years of history

Furse has remained a constant force in an unpredictable world, through all the century could throw at it.

furse timeline


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