Arc Flash Gloves

Arc Flash Gloves | Selection Guide | Gloves for Protection Against Arc Hazards

Arc Flash Gloves | Selection Guide | Gloves for Protection Against Arc Hazards

Arc Flash Gloves, from the ProGARM range of Arc Rated garments and clothing are used to protect against arc flash accidents as the last line of defence. Arc Flash PPE will not prevent incidents, and it is therefore vital that a comprehensive electrical safety plan for maintenance, repair and diagnostic procedures (involving energised LV, MV or HV electrical equipment) is also implemented.

Thorne & Derrick distribute a range of arc flash gloves to suit a range of requirements. Variations include Neoprene and Natural Rubber coated and Kevlar lined options in a wide range of sizes. Contact Thorne & Derrick with your specific PPE requirements and we will be happy to help.

The ProGARM range of Flame Resistant protective garments are designed for every-day wear and protection – the highly breathable clothing ranges are designed for comfort and safety without compromising the ability of the wearer to work productively, safely and unhampered by cumbersome garments prone to overheating.

Other garments and protection products include Arc Flash Coveralls, Arc Clothing, Arc Flash Suits and Arc Flash Helmets & Visors.

The importance Of Arc Flash Protection

Arc rated clothing and electrical PPE should be worn when working on energised conductors, cables or circuits.

Over 50% of workplace accidents from low voltage switchgear are from arc related faults – they are not confined to medium/high voltage power distribution networks where even small levels of residual voltage can trigger an arc flash. Arc Flash Hazard is a subject that is undergoing increased discussion and scrutiny in today’s safety conscious environment. The intent of the standards in this area is to provide an increased level of safety for the electrical worker.

Put simply, an Arc Flash incident can cause significant injuries, and possible death without the correct procedures in place. Consequently, it is vital that the correct procedures are in place to mitigate the risks and protect against potential accidents.

➡ To find out more about real-life arc flash incidents, and how protective clothing has saved lives, read Eddie’s Arc Flash Story.

Featured Product | ProGARM 2700 Arc flash gloves coated with Neoprene and Natural Rubber for comfort, grip and flexibility. Providing A4/Cut 5/Level D resistance as well as heat and Arc Flash protection. Suitable for a number of high-risk environments.

Progarm 2700 Arc Flash Gloves

Progarm 2700 Arc Flash Gloves

Arc Flash Gloves | Product Selection

The below product guide has been designed to help with the selection process of protective garments and clothing to suit the individual requirements of your workplace – ProGARM garments, including gloves, provide arc flash protection using inherently flame resistant lightweight VXS+ fabrics, potentially saving lives and preventing life changing injuries.

Light but Strong | Innovative Protection Against Arc Flash

ProGARM gloves are manufactured from a premium VSX+ lightweight fabric with a Lifetime Seam Guarantee providing both arc flash and FR (Flame Resistant) protection with excellent durability for field use by Jointers, Linesmen, Senior Authorised Persons (SAPs and Substation Engineers working on underground cables and overhead lines.

Arc Flash Gloves | 50 Cal Arc Flash Protection Gloves PPE

Arc Gloves | progarm 2678

ProGARM Arc Flash Gloves 2678 provide Category 4 protection against arc flash risks and hazards up to 50cal/cm2 according to EN 388:2003: and EN 407:2004:

Arc Rating | 50Cal ARC 4

Protection Type | ARC Flash, Heat & Flame

EN 388 & EN 407 | EBT50=50 cal/cm² ARC 4

➡ For garment material specification, fabric, design, sizing and glove product information please go to ProGARM 2678.

2700 Arc Flash Gloves

Arc Gloves | ProGarm 2700

The ProGARM 2700 Arc Flash Gloves provide Category 2 protection against arc flash risks and hazards up to 8.6cal/cm2 according to EN 388 and EN 407 standards.

Arc Rating | 8.6Cal ARC 2

Protection Type | ARC Flash, Heat & Flame

EN 388 & EN 407 |  EBT50=8.6 cal/cm² ARC 2

➡ For garment material specification, fabric, design, sizing and glove product information please go to ProGARM 2700.

Gloves Stock | the range of garments consists of Core Products featured here – we stock, or have in production garments within these product ranges in an assortment of sizes, cal ratings and arc flash protection levels. In-Stock gloves can be dispatched within 24hours from our warehouse, or for stock holding, please contact the UK sales office to discuss further. Branded gloves can be provided subject to MOQ.

Protective Gloves technical Specification

Arc FLash Gloves Part Number                                 Cal Rating                                             Arc Rated Category

2700 Neoprene & Natural Rubber Coated Gloves

50 Cal

Category 4

2678 Kevlar Lined Gloves

8.6 Cal

Category 2


Arc Flash Clothing Protection

Arc Flash Gloves | Thorne & Derrick understand how critical it is to have reliable, highest quality personal protection equipment (PPE), clothing and arc workwear available from stock at competitive prices – protecting utility workers against arc flash dangers posed during maintenance on underground electric cables, overhead line conductors or electrical equipment.

Arc Flash Clothing Protection PPE

 Arc Workwear | Jackets | Arc Flash Suits | Trousers | Sweatshirts | Helmets & Visors | Arc Flash Gloves

All ProGARM products conform to the European Directives regulating PPE and display the correct care labels to guarantee certification and traceability. Thorne & Derrick provide competitive prices and fast delivery from stock for the complete range of ProGARM arc flash protection, clothing and garments.