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Arc Flash clothing

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ProGARM delivers ultimate arc flash clothing and protection conforming with the relevant industry and EN standards ensuring protection from arc flash incidents.

Arc Flash Coveralls

Arc Flash Garments (Up to 47 Cal)

Innovative design features that deliver unrivalled protection from arc flash and flame incidents including protective but comfortable clothing and workwear for substation, cable jointing, overhead linesmen, data centre and medium/high voltage electrical working.

What Is Arc Flash?

Arc flash is an accidental, explosive electrical situation caused usually by short circuits, switching faults or switching circuits when under load and can occur on LV, MV and HV electrical equipment, cables and overhead conductors.

Arc Flash Clothing Ranges

  • Hi Visibility Yellow Collection
  • Hi Visibility Orange Collection
  • Single Colour Collection
  • Two Tone Collection

ProGARM provide practical and functional clothing designed to protect people and save lives with most garments available from stock.

The layered approach to worker protection involves building increasing levels of safety by wearing additional layers of arc flash clothing to provide cost-effective but life-saving workwear for everyday routine use.

Arc Flash Clothing Protection

“Layering” clothing to protect against electrical arc flash in accordance with NFPA 70E safety standard

NFPA 70E Arc Flash Clothing

NFPA 70E outlines the requirements for safe work practices to protect personnel by reducing exposure to workplace electrical hazards.

  • NFPA National Fire Protection Association (USA) – purchase copy.

Arc Flash clothing & protection Category Requirements

Full range of arc flash clothing and protection for High Risk Category (HRC) working on LV, MV and HV cables, switchgear and electrical equipment under live load –  layering protective clothing achieves higher combined levels of worker protection with base, middle and outer garmets including arc flash gloves, polo shirts, coveralls, sweatshirts, jackets and head protection provided by arc flash helmets.

When clothing layers are combined the overall protection level can exceed that of the sum of the individual garments – the air gap existing between the clothing layers functions as additional insulation and protection.

Layering can be effective but to determine the arc rating the multi-combination layers of clothing should be subject to an arc flash test in accordance with IEC 61482-1-1: 2009 Method A to correctly attribute a rating to the textile combination.

According to NFPA 70E the arc incident energy levels are measured in calories per cm² and referred to as the cal rating – the cal rating provides the required minimum arc rating (cal/cm²) of PPE and clothing required to protect workers exposed to potential arc in a Hazard Risk Category (1-4) when working on live electrical equipment, such as MV-HV switchgear in energised medium/high voltage substations.

Layering clothing provides comfortable arc flash protection for maintenance tasks with differing threat levels according to HRC categorisation – worker comfort, productivity and safety are ensured.

Arc Flash Clothing

Arc HRC Risk Categories NFPA 70E Standard

Here ProGARM 4608 arc flash jacket is shown undergoing IEC 61482-1-2 Box Test Method.

IEC 61482-1-2 Box Test Method Or Arc Thermal Protection Value (ATPV) ?
Testing Arc Flash Clothing

PEL/78 state that the “Box Test Method” does not provide the end-user with a realistic and reliable test. A premise of this test is that the fault currents will not exceed 4000A or 7000A (4kA or 7kA) and the worker will not be closer than the specified distance from the arc – in reality this cannot be guaranteed.

The Box Test Method documents 2 testing conditions:

  1. Class 1 Box Test – arc current 4kA with arc duration 500ms
  2. Class 2 Box Test – arc current 5kA with arc duration 500ms

The energy on the worker’s body is directly proportional to the length of the arc, the current and the duration of the arc – therefore if a worker is positioned at 60cm from the arc and is exposed to 4 cal/cm2, at 30cm from the arc the energy will be approximately 16 cal/cm2.

Field experience has shown that arc flash hazards vary in strength starting from 3 or 4 cal/cm2 to levels higher than 40 cal/cm2.

Concluding, PEL/78 advises that “IEC 61482-1-1 will provide the best way to determine whether a particular material will provide the best protection for the worker for any given job.”

Quotation taken from the National Forward of BS EN 61482-1-2 

ProGARM arc flash clothing is tested to the European Box Test Method (BS EN 61482-1-2 ) – additionally many garments in the collection are certified to include the APTV or EBT Cal rating.

    • BS EN 61482-1-1 Ed.2.0 Live Working – Protective Clothing Against The Thermal Hazards Of An Electric Arc. – Part 1-1: Test methods – Method 1: Determination of the arc rating (ELIM, ATPV and/or EBT) of clothing materials and of protective clothing using an open arc
    • PEL/78 Tools For Live Working – British Standard Institution Committee

Calculating Arc Flash

End-users should carry out a site specific risk assessment using professional arc flash software calculators and undertake a workplace survey – the arc flash hazard risk is measured in incident energy values and expressed as cal/cm² units. The selection process for adequate worker protection concludes that protective clothing must be worn and PPE introduced to provide a protection level (as a minimum) against incident energy which exceeds the incident energy value provided by the end-users arc flash calculations and study.

Arc Flash Clothing Protection PPE

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All ProGARM products conform to the European Directives regulating PPE and display the correct care labels to guarantee certification and traceability.


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