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Thorne & Derrick distribute Cable Hangers and cable hooks for low, medium and high voltage electrical systems, typically distributing LV 6.6kV-11kV-33kV power – we provide competitive prices for LV MV HV cable hangers from extensive stocks to UK and international destinations.

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Cable Hanger

Galvanised Steel & Non-Metallic Cable Hanger & Hanging Systems for LV MV HV Cables

Galvanised Steel & Non-Metallic Cable Hangers

The Ellis Patents ranges of cable hangers are used to clamp, support and hang LV MV HV cables onto walls and support structures including cable tunnels and utility corridors.

Cable Hanging Systems

Pegasus Cable Hangers

Pegasus Cable Hangers | Thorne & Derrick can support the supply and specification of the Pegasus Cable Hanger System (non-metallic, non-conductive, high strength, corrosion resistant) for the support of LV MV Power, S&T Cables in tunnel locations. Pegasus is used to replaced traditional galvanised steel cable hanging systems – it meets the requirements of the London Underground 1-085 specification. Independent testing is carried out to prove conformance to the standard including toxicity, limited oxygen and smoke emission.

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