id-Technik Cable Clamps & Cleats (HV, MV & LV Power Cables)

id-Technik Cable Clamps

Cable Clamps & Cable Cleats

Cable Clamps

Cable Cleats for MV Medium Voltage & HV High Voltage Power Transmission Cables

Universal Cable Clamps for Power Cables

id-Technik cable clamps are the world-wide leading brand of polyamide cable supports and management products.

The id-Technik range of cable clamps and cable cleats are suitable for use with all types of single and multi-conductor HV, MV and LV power cables in indoor and outdoor applications – typically used to clamp and support MV HV power cables in the offshore wind industry including wind turbine generators, masts and shafts applications.

Cable clamps are designed especially for the system cable e.g cable fastening for the all-purpose application in all areas of cable connections including high voltage power networks in both onshore and offshore substations such as wind energy farms.

Cable Clamps

Cable Clamps | Maximum resistance to short circuits for all voltage ranges and under the most extreme conditions.

Polyamide Cable Clamps

With the selection of a polyamide suitable for these requirements, id-Technik was the first manufacturer to introduce a polyamide cable clamp to the world market offering an alternative to metal (aluminium or stainless steel) and wooden cable clamps.

id-Technik distributes Cable Clamps for power cables of all voltage ranges (LV MV HV 1kV to 765kV). The diameter range of these power cables are from 24mm to 250mm, except the Elastic Inlay as it is possible to fasten smaller cables with diameters down to 19mm for electric compression of diameter variations to avoid cable damage caused by changes of load and ambient temperature.

An Overview of the id-Technik Cable Clamp Ranges

Cable Clamp Part NumberDynamic Resistance To Short CircuitsOuter Diameter of CablesProduct Image
Cable Clamps for single- and multi-core cables (also suitable for bundled fastening of multiple cables)
Series K12,500N19-90mmSeries K
Series KT25,000N22-39mmSeries KT
Series KR30,000N72-250mmSeries KT
Cable Clamps for bundled fastening of single- and multi-core cables
Series KS13,000N22-46mmSeries KS
Series KP25,000N26-64mmSeries KP
Series KH30,000N59-165mmSeries KH

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