Power Shunts

Power Shunts - Flexible Copper Busbars & Braid Connectors

Power Shunts – Flexible Copper Busbars & Braid Connectors

Copper Braid Power Shunts

Alternative to Multiple Power Cables & Solid Copper Bus-bar Systems

Power shunts are large cross-sectional area copper braided connectors, used as an alternative to power cable and solid busbar, designed to meet the current carrying capacity of power distribution applications – designed with multi-layers of flat or round copper earth braids to achieve sizes up to 500sqmm and carry currents in excess of 1100 amps.

Power shunts are used as an alternative to solid busbars and power cable assemblies capable of carrying very high currents yet are flexible, robust and easy to install.

Typical power shunt applications : power stations, transformers, motors, generators, switchgear, substations – low, medium and high voltage including 11kV 33kV switchgear and power systems.

Shunt connectors are used to provide LV MV HV transformer-busduct links and undrilled palms can be customised to suit customer requirements.

Multiple layers of flat copper braid are used and assembled in a parallel or stacked format to achieve the required cross sectional area or agreed current density. In certain circumstances flexible strand is a practical alternative.

Busbars can be supplied insulated either over the whole assembly or individual layers of braid and are typically used in the following applications:

  • Heavy-duty power interconnection
  • Overcome vibration/alignment problems
  • Expansion joints
  • Variable terminating positions
  • Transformer or generator to busbar connection

The power shunts are used to provide interconnects for low voltage LV power distribution units and machine connections in both indoor and outdoor locations – stainless steel braids can be used for enhanced abrasion, corrosion, chemical and UV resistance.

Current Rating Copper Braid Cross Section Area
400 Amps 100sqmm
650 Amps 240sqmm
760 Amps 300sqmm
1110 Amps 500sqmm
Flexible Bushbars In Use

Flexible Bushbars In Use

Power Shunts

Power Shunts – Large Earth Braid Connectors

Thorne & Derrick International are established distributors of an extensive range of large braid connectors, also known as “Power Shunt” connectors with cross-sectional areas of up to 1000sqmm and current carrying capacities in excess of 1800amps – larger style earth braid power connectors are designed for heavy-duty power applications as flexible current carrying connectors requiring resistance to vibration.

Robust, durable and flexible power shunt braided connectors are specified for power distribution in turbines, HV substations, power stations, distribution grids, electrified trains and rail systems as alternatives to solid bus bars.

Manufactured from bare copper, tin-plated copper or stainless steel, shunt style braid connectors can be supplied with or without polymeric insulation for mechanical protection and electrical insulation and with customised “palm” style terminals.

  • Complete product ready to fit
  • Durable, heavy duty assembly
  • Robust design for power applications
  • Custom made to meet specific performance criteria
  • Manufacture to drawing or replicate existing product
  • Available with various forms of insulation as appropriate
  • Low resistance heavy duty terminations

Cable Termination – Power Shunt Options

Power Shunts - Large Earth Braid Connectors

  • Bespoke pressed ferrules
  • Straight or angled connections
  • Multiple fixing holes or slots
  • Silver, nickel or tin plating options

Copper Braid Insulation

  • Polymeric insulation for electrical and mechanical protection
  • Medium voltage and high voltage connectors available
  • Zero halogen (LSF) power shunt connectors

Power Shunts & Braided Connectors for Military & Aerospace

  • Eurofighter (JN1061, JN1151, JN1006, JN1077)
  • Panavia (PAN6619)
  • AECMA (EN4199)
  • Airbus (ASNE & NSA)

Power Shunt Braid Current Ratings

  • 100sqmm Power Shunt  = 400amps
  • 240sqmm Power Shunt  = 650amps
  • 300sqmm Power Shunt  = 760amps
  • 500sqmm Power Shunt = 1100amps
  • 600sqmm Power Shunt = 1250amps

Copper Braid & Shunt Selection

Conductivity Oxidisation
Operating Temperature
Plain Copper Good Fair Medium
Tin-plated Copper Good Good Medium
Nickel Plated Copper Good Excellent Good
Silver Plated Copper Excellent Good Good


How To Order Power Shunts

To enable the custom design and specification of Power Shunts to meet specific applications we require the following information:

  • OL – Overall Shunt Length
  • L – Length Between Hole Centres
  • D – Hole Diameter
  • M – Shunt Material & Cross Sectional Area (CSA)
  • TT – Shunt Termination Type


Power Shunts -How To Order Diagram

Flexible copper connector power shunts can be insulated using protective heat shrink sleeving for identification.

Power Shunts -How To Order Diagram

Flexible copper connector power shunts can be insulated using protective heat shrink sleeving for identification.

Customised Shunts

Copper braid power shunts can be made to custom lengths, widths. thicknesses and drilled hole arrangements – flat or tubular shaped designs can be configured with options of soldered studs or crimped cable lugs.