Pbwel Voltage Detectors & Equipment


Voltage Detectors & Equipment

Electrical Safety

Pbwel offer a wide range of voltage detectors & equipment having over 40 years experience in electrical safety products that have been tested and approved for use within the energy industry.

To ensure the safe application of portable Earths, PBwel supply a range of Voltage Detectors including the trusted Westminster range. PBwel offers full calibration and repair services as well as supplying new items.

Voltage detectors and equipment range includes:

  • Voltage Detectors 5-12kV, 10-36kV – Pbwel Westminster Beacon
  • Voltage Detector 3.3kV, 5-12kV, 10-35kV – Pbwel Westminster DS/MS/VA
  • Voltage Detector 5-12kV, 10-36kV, 50-140kV – Pbwel WD6B/D3
  • Capacitor Discharge Rods 35kV – Pbwel WDL
  • Voltage Detector Portable Test Unit – Pbwel MD
  • Voltage Detector | Live Line Indicator – Pbwel D3
  • Voltage Detector | Live Line Indicator – Pbwel C31
  • 69kV Voltage Detector MV HV Cables – Pbwel Mtag
  • Voltage Detector HV 50kV to 765kV – Pbwel Htag
  • ALADIN Personal Voltage Alarm


Key factors to consider when selecting a voltage detector:

  • Low or high voltage – is the detector required to test the power of a low or high voltage application
  • Are there any other detection instruments or electrical protection products required
  • What operating voltage does the product need to detect – voltage detectors are separated by their different operating limits

Pbwel Voltage Detectors & Equipment