GRP Feeder Pillars

GRP Feeder Pillars

Feeder Pillars Manufactured From GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer)

Thorne & Derrick distribute GRP Feeder Pillars available in single and double door options manufactured from self-extinguishing, fire retardant resin to Class 2 BS 476 Part 2 for low maintenance and corrosion resistance up to 1000 volts – we provide competitive prices for feeder pillars from extensive stocks to UK and international destinations.



GRP feeder pillars can be produced with in-house modifications and full customisation design service enabling pillars to be tailored to meet specific LV Power & Electricity Distribution requirements with all the integral benefits associated with GRP material:

  • Corrosion Resistant – low maintenance suitable for outdoor/exterior installation including coastal, marine and harsh environments
  • UV Stability – extended service life without deterioration under extreme weathering and environmental conditions
  • Impact Resistant – high strength and durable polymer material with excellent product stability and “knocks and shocks” withstand
  • Non-Conductive – zero electric shock risk when handling or carrying out routine maintenance on energised distribution pillars
  • Self-extinguishing & Flame Retardant – GRP will not support flame or spread fire with retardancy fire classification Class 2 BS 476 Part 2
  • In-house Design – customised pre-wired electrical distribution feeder pillars available in a range of sizes manufactured from GRP
  • Lightweight – safe and easier site handling during installation without reduction in strength or anti-vandal deterrence
  • Flexibility – optional internal electrical/instrumentation equipment, locking devices and coloured paint choices

GRP Feeder Pillars With Single Door

Single door GRP feeder pillars are specified to enclose and protect LV electrical, instrumentation and control panels – the pillars are available with a choice of cylinder night latch lock or hasp and staple and pre-fitted with plywood backboard for mounting internal equipment.

The feeder pillars are manufactured from Single Skin GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) using self-extinguishing fire retardant resin to Class 2 BS476 Part 2 – the units will not melt or deform in case of overheating or fire protecting the internal equipment from external heat sources including natural heat conductivity due to the excellent thermal insulation properties of GPR.

GRP pillars are low maintenance and non-corrosive for indoor and outdoor location. Standard colours of stock pillars available are BS 5252 14-C-39 Green and 10-A-07 Grey. Full colour range according to BS5252 or RAL is available.

GRP Feeder Pillars Single Door

Single Door GRP Feeder Pillar

GRP Feeder Pillars With Double Door

Double door GRP feeder pillars are specified by the water, gas and electric utilities supplied with tower bolts and door-stays fitted as standard (selected sizes only) – typical applications include low voltage electric power distribution, air quality monitoring and MCC protection. The GRP feeder pillars are available with choice of cylinder night latch lock or a hasp and staple fitting – pillars can be equipped with plywood backboard, pre-wired electrical equipment and ventilation options.

GRP Feeder Pillars Double Door

Double Door GRP Feeder Pillar

Feeder pillars are available in a complete range of sizes and dimensions with optional features including:

  • Mounting Board
  • Ventilation (Security Rated)
  • Additional Insulation
  • NICEIC Electrical Insulation
  • Stainless Steel Door Furniture
  • Integral Floors
  • Multiple Lock Choices
  • Viewing Windows
  • Lockable Access Cat Flap & Cable Gland Plates

All security rated feeder pillars are LPCB (The Loss Prevention Certification Board) Approved & Tested to LPS 1175 by BRE including:

  • Single & Double Steel Door Sets with Multiple Lock Options to SR 2,3 & 4
  • Single & Double GRP Door Sets with Multiple Lock Options to SR 2 & 3

 Should you require customer service or technical support please contact us – view the full range of GRP Feeder Pillars below.

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