Power Feeder Pillars Retractable In Ground – Lucy Westminster

Lucy Westminster Pillars

Power Feeder Pillars Retractable In Ground – Lucy Westminster

Lucy Zodion

Westminster Feeder Pillars

Retractable Power Pillars For LV Electrical Distribution

Lucy Zodion Westminster Power Feeder Pillars are an in ground retractable unit which offers both Single Phase Neutral (SPN) and Three Phase Neutral (TPN) socket arrangements and can be closed with a flush top when not in use to provide temporary low voltage electricity distribution – the Westminster retractable power pillars form part of the Lucy Zodion range of feeder pillars.

Retractable in ground power feeder pillars are ideal for distributing on-demand power and utilities for shopping centres, airports, markets, events, commercial and residential developments. The Lucy Westminster pillars are constructed from 5mm and 10mm galvanised steel with long life stainless steel wedge lock, hinges and hinged stainless steel lock cover. The bolted construction allows for easy panel replacement in case of damage.

Feeder Pillar Specification

For further information and operational details about Lucy Westminster pillars take a moment to watch the Product Video below:

  • 5mm/10mm galvanised steel constrruction
  • Long life stainless steel wedge lock and hinges
  • Electrical components protected to IP67/68
  • 18mm thick treated exterior grade plywood backboard
  • Pre-drilled cable entries
  • Stainless steel anti-vermin mesh
  • Door seal
  • 20mm deep recess in feeder cover for infill medium
  • Gas strut assisted lid
  • All feeder pillar components fully earth bonded
  • Bolted construction for easy panel replacement in case of damage
  • 110V | 230V | 400V a.c. variants
  • Weight approximately 91kgs

Lucy Westminster Pillars – Advantages

  • Completely flush top surface when feeder pillar is not in use
  • Recess in cover to receive matching floor infill
  • Electrical components ingress protected and sealed to IP67/68
  • Automatic power disconnection when unit is folded away
  • Custom type feeder pillars available to order – contact us with your project requirements

Retractable In Ground Power Feeder Pillars - Lucy Westminster

Lucy Westminster Pillars

  • 16A 32A socket arrangements available
  • 110/240/400V A.C. power feeder pillars
  • Optional automatic power disconnection when unit is folded away
  • Fully operational in 60 seconds
  • Individual socket RCBO protection
  • Positive drainage to suit 100mm pipe
  • Electrical components sealed to IP67 to IEC60529
  • 50mm deep recess in covers can be finished with floor infill that matches surroundings
  • Assisted lift on lids for ease of use
  • Cable entry plates for cable glands (incoming/outgoing cables)
  • Stainless steel anti-vermin construction
  • All power pillar components fully earth bonded
  • Also: Feeder Pillars (Galvanised Steel) | Pre-Wired Distribution Pillars

Feeder Pillar Options

  • Stainless steel pillar construction
  • Painted or powder coated to RAL colour to client preference
  • Digital or solar timer controlled supply
  • Possibility to integrate Smart Metering facilities
  • Earthing mat

Configuration Table For Westminster Feeder Pillars

Should you require any technical support and specification guidance in order to select the correct Lucy Westminster pillars please contact us.

Outlets ConfigurationLucy Zodion Westminster Part CodePillar With Catflap
2x2 x 16AF8000F8200
2x2 x 32AF8001F8201
2x1 x 16A | 1 x 32AF8002F8202
3x3 x 16AF8010F8210
3x2 x 16A | 1 x 32AF8011F8211
3x1 x 16A | 2 x 32AF8012F8212
3x3 x 32AF8013F8213
4x4 x 16AF8020F8220
4x3 x 16A | 1 x 32AF8021F8221
4x2 x 16A | 2 X 32AF8022F8222
4x1 x 16A | 3 x 32AF8023F8223
5x4 x 16A | 1 X 32AF8030F8230
5x5 x 16AF8031F8231

Retractable In Ground Power Feeder Pillars - Lucy Westminster

Lucy Westminster Feeder Pillars 1

Lucy Westminster Feeder Pillars 2

Lucy Westminster Feeder Pillars 3

Lucy Westminster Feeder Pillars 4

Lucy Westminster Feeder Pillar Specifications
Power Pillars Outgoing Ways
2-4 Ways5 Ways
Length (L)905mm1035mm
Tub Height475mm475mm
Raised Height (H)590mm720mm
Raised Width (W)275mm275mm
Feeder Pillar OptionsStainless steel construction
Data points can be incorporated
Water connection
Stainless steel tread plate option
Smart metering
Safety tilt switch disconnects power to sockets when folded away.
Weights4 Way Pillar – 150kg
5 Way Pillar – 180kg
Lucy Zodion Part Numbers4 Way Feeder Pillar  – Lucy Westminster EA10202299
5 Way Feeder Pillar – Lucy Westminster EA10202300
Conformity To StandardsHot dipped galvanised steel to BS EN ISO 1461
IP67 accordance to IEC60529
Designed and manufactured in accordance with Lucy Zodion quality management system ISO9001:2008
Retractable In Ground Power Feeder Pillars - Lucy Westminster - Dimensions

Retractable In Ground Power Feeder Pillars – Lucy Westminster – Dimensions

Feeder Pillars

Thorne & Derrick are Main Distributors for Lucy Zodion feeder pillars for LV power distribution – a choice of surface finish and pillar base materials (galvanised steel, stainless steel, cast iron and GRP) is available from stock.

Feeder Pillars

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