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The RB range of external electrical enclosures form a part of the Ritherdon range of Feeder Pillars and was initially developed with the street lighting and highways industries in mind; however, their highly flexible, modular design means they are suitable as enclosures for protecting electrical and/or electronic equipment in the most inhospitable external environments (fabricated from stainless steel as standard).

Features and Benefits

  • Product Category: Stainless steel external enclosures
  • A cost-effective alternative to a GRP enclosure – suitable for LV Switchgear
  • Open at the bottom for cable entry
  • 180º door opening for better access
  • Fully sealed door aperture using composite EPDM sealing strip, self-grip
  • Fitted with a 12mm thick exterior grade plywood backboard
  • Two 8 mm Tri-Key Camlocks (Key operated camlocks are also available)
  • Standard colours at no extra cost (Black, Light and Dark Grey, and Dark Green)
  • Earth lead between doors and body
  • Optional plinth available depending on installation preference. Cabinet can be bolted onto a suitable concrete base
  • Options include shelves, racking, lights, environmental control etc for the protection of electrical and electronic equipment
  • Standard range stocked or we can manufacture to your specified dimensions

Stainless Steel Enclosures & Feeder Pillars


EnclosureWidth (mm)Depth (mm)Maximum Height (mm)Backboard (mm)Number of DoorsWeight (kg)
RB4604602601125*930 x 405Single32
RB600600330930 x 54541
RB800800380930 x 74556
RB10001000380930 x 94562
RB12501250430930 x 1195Double85
RB15501550430930 x 1495 95

* Height excluding plinth height of 300 mm; 2° slope to the back of the cabinet.

The RB Cabinets can be supplied with a detachable plinth which is installed in the ground before fastening the enclosures down. Alternatively, these external electrical enclosures can be fixed down to any hard, flat surface, without the plinth.

Standard Enclosures Finishes

Stainless Steel Enclosures & Feeder Pillars

  • Stainless steel, powder coated finish as standard in 4003 grade of stainless steel
  • Natural, metal finish is available from a higher grade of steel (304 and 316 grade)
  • Four standard paint colours to suit typical urban and rural environments
    • Black: RAL 9005 Gloss Black
    • Dark Green: BS4800 14 C40 Gloss Green
    • Light Grey: BS381C 631 Light Grey Gloss
    • Dark Grey: BS381C 632 Dark Grey Gloss

Powder coated at no extra cost (available for all grades of stainless steel 4003, 304 and 316). Standard, 4003 grade of stainless steel is always powder coated to provide the best performance and quality finish. If left unpainted, the 4003 grade of stainless steel develops a patina, soft staining of the material. It won’t rust, however, this is not the finish we like for our product so we always powder coated all our enclosures made from our standard 4003 grade of stainless steel.

feeder pillar Lock Alternatives

The RB Cabinets are supplied with tri-key operated cam-locks as standard.

Other lock options available:

  • Pin hex camlock
  • Key operated stainless steel camlock
  • Three-point locking with padlocking L handle and shroud
  • Hasp, staple and shroud
optional Internal Accessory Kits

The other new feature of the RB Cabinet is that the internal, modular design permits the fitting of a range of extra equipment, from shelves and racks to climate control equipment etc.  This means that cabinets with extra features don’t have to be specially made – reducing lead times and cost.

The kits can be supplied loose, pre-installed, or ordered and retrofitted at a later date.

  • Shelf kit (inc. mounting brackets and required number of shelves)
  • 19” rack unit
  • Cooling fan kit
  • Heater kit
  • Internal light kit
  • Consumer unit 6-way
  • Double Socket
  • Other electrical components are available, please enquire further.
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