Cubis Systems

Cubis – Manufacturers of Access chambers, Access Covers and Cable Protection.

Cubis is the global leader in the design and manufacture of Access Chambers, Access Covers and Cable Protection for infrastructure networks.

Also supplying construction accessories, chamber accessories and ducting systems; Cubis are an excellent choice for customers seeking solutions that improve on traditional installation methods.

Cubis Systems high-strength modular composite products are used in underground infrastructure networks across a range of construction industry sectors worldwide. Industries include rail, telecoms, water and energy.


CUBis Chambers And Cable Protection

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Cable protection

Access Chambers

Access Covers

These innovative products replace conventional materials like bricks and concrete. The entire product range boasts intelligent design and fast installation capabilities that save time and money.


Cubis Supplier Thorne And Derrick

Cubis are official Thorne and Derrick partners.


Cubis systems were established in 2009 following a merge by the three international leaders in the access chamber and access cover industry.

In 2015, Cubis began a further phase of growth and expansion with the acquisition of Australian access chamber manufacturer, BVCI Pty Ltd and then in 2017 through the UK acquisition of MCL Ltd. Today, Cubis exports to over 29 countries worldwide from operations in seven manufacturing sites in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

Cubis Global Projects

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Sustainable Solutions

All products deliver high-quality solutions that replace conventional construction materials like bricks and concrete. Cubis manufacture strong, lightweight composite products which incorporate intelligent design features and can be installed much faster than traditional methods.

At Cubis Systems, products are always developed with sustainability in mind; with the aim to develop products that function in the most efficient way possible. Every day, systems are created and delivered using sustainable innovation to provide a unique customer experience. Cubis provides solutions and systems that deliver specific performance goals, solve problems and add value to businesses.

All products have been designed to maximise structural strength using the optimum amount of material, eliminating unnecessary waste. By using materials that would otherwise have been disposed of, Cubis divert them from waste streams, reducing the carbon footprint of products and promoting resource efficiency.

Doing Things Differently

Thorne & Derrick distribute a range of products as alternative solutions to the market typical. Solutions on the current market are often less adaptable and transportable; with precast concrete restricted in size, and cast insitu concrete requiring additional time for shuttering, steel fixing, pouring and setting. Cubis Inspection Chamber Systems offer a flat pack system, allowing for increased shipping density with reduced weight and vehicle emissions.

featured products

Multiduct Duct System

MULTIduct™ is an innovative and lightweight, structural multiple duct cable protection system that offers a modern alternative to traditional cable ducting systems.

ULTIMA Connect
ULTIMA Connect Chamber Access System

We are always looking to adapt existing processes and designs to ensure we are performing in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. Our STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect was adapted to create a more sustainable solution.

PROtrough Cable Trough System

PROtrough is an innovative, lightweight, fire retardant cable trough system that offers a modern alternative to traditional concrete trough systems for rail, light rail and power markets.