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Fire Resistant Cables

Draka Firetuf

Providing enhanced fire cable performance, the Firetuf fire resistant cable range, manufactured by Draka, consists of the following products which have been designed to meet or surpass the current standards for fire rated cable:

  • Firetuf FT30 Saffire – halogen free, low smoke (OHLS®) flame retardant cable
  • Firetuf FT120 – the ‘enhanced’ fire resistant cable solution
  • Firetuf FTP120 – fire resistant armoured power cable
  • FT Sifer 950i – zero halogen, low smoke (OHLS®) single core fire cable
  • FT Sifer 950s – zero halogen, low smoke (OHLS®) single core fire cable
  • Firetuf FTP – the original Draka fire resistant armoured cable
  • Firetuf FT30 – pliable ‘standard’ fire resisting cable
  • Firetuf FT L-SIFER – fire resistant, zero halogen and low smoke (OHLS®) single core cable

Fire Safety

Fire resistant cables can play a key role in making buildings safer for occupants as they power or connect the critical safety systems such as fire alarms, emergency lighting, PA and CCTV systems.

Firetuf fire resistant cable has been installed in a wide variety of buildings designed under fire safety engineering principles. These buildings include mass transit stations (such as London Underground, Heathrow Terminal 5 and St Pancras Eurostar terminal), sports grounds (for example, the Emirates Stadium in London) as well as shopping centres, universities, schools and hospital projects.

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables - Prysmian Draka Saffire

Cables & Accessories

To support the installation of Fire Resistant Cables distributed by T&D, we also stock and supply leading cable accessory brands from 3M, CMP, Ellis Patents and Prysmian – this includes high specification cable joints, glands and cleats for zero halogen, fire resistant and hazardous area location cables in both onshore and offshore environments.

Thorne & Derrick distribute Draka Firetuf Fire Resistant Cables – we provide competitive prices for fire resistant cables and cable accessories including joints, cleats and glands from extensive stocks to UK and international destinations.

➡ Should you require customer service or technical support please contact us – view the full range of Draka Firetuf Fire Resistant Cables below.


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