A2-FF Cable Glands – Flat Form Unarmoured & Braid Armoured Cables

CMP A2-FF Cable Glands

  • A2-FF cable glands for all types of Flat-Form Unarmoured & Braid Armoured Cables
  • Displacement type seal
  • CMP cable glands designed for flat form / heat trace cables
  • –60˚C to +130˚C (standard), -20˚C to 200˚C (ThermIn option) temperature range
  • Deluge protected A2-FF  cable gland
  • Order Code: CMP A2-FF** (Brass)
A2-FF Cable Glands

A2-FF Cable Glands

A2-FF Cable Glands specification

A2-FF Cable Gland Material: Brass, Electroless Nickel Plated Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminium

Design Specification: BS 6121:Part 1:1989, IEC 62444, EN 62444

CMP Cable Gland Size Available Entry Threads “C” (Alternative Metric Thread Lengths Available Overall Cable Diameter “A” (h x w) Across Flats “D” Across Corners “D” Protrusion Length “F” Combined Ordering Reference (Brass Metric) Cable Gland Weight (kgs)
Metric Thread Length (Metric) “E” NPT Thread Length (NPT) “E” Option: NPT Min Max Max Max Max Size Type Ordering Suffix
A2-FF20S M20 10.0 1/2” 19.9 3/4” 4.0 x 6.2 6.8 x 11.7 24.0 26.4 25.1 20S A2FF 1RA 0.054
A2-FF20 M20 10.0 1/2” 19.9 3/4” 5.7 x 8.0 8.7 x 13.5 27.0 29.7 27.2 20 A2FF 1RA 0.059

A2-FF Cable Gland Dimensions

A2-FF Cable Glands CMP

A2-FF Cable Glands CMP

➡ For more cable terminations see Industrial Cable Glands.

CMP Cable Glands

CMP Cable Glands – cable terminations for Industrial, High Voltage, Hazardous Area Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX & IECEx) & Group 1 Mining Cables  – including CIEL High Fault Current, SOLO Low Smoke Zero Halogen, ZEN Insulated & RapidEx Barrier Cable glands

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