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BAND-IT BAND-FAST clamps are a low cost alternative to cable cleats as they are faster to install, lower profile and need no additional fixings – the cable clamps utilising BAND-IT strapping bands are short-circuit tested up to 76.3kA.

The cable clamps have a width of 15.88mm (5/8″) and are made from 316 grade stainless steel.  Uncoated cable clamps are also available with a width of 19.1mm (3/4″) . The PPA coated cable clamps have passed IEC61914:2015 short circuit test in a trefoil configuration – with short circuit fault current ratings of single wrap up to 50.8kA and double wrap up to 76.3kA.

BAND-FAST clamps can be installed using the Bantam Tool – Order code – BAND-IT C075.

BAND-FAST Cable Clamps | Advantages

  • Purchase price is significantly lower than cable cleats 

–Up to 75% material cost savings

  • Installation time is dramatically reduced

–Reduce labour cost by over 50%

  • Lower profile

–Space savings on construction

  • More versatile cable clamps 

–Conforms to most shapes / cable configurations

–Fewer SKU’s to order / stock

  • Large diameter reduction (one size fits all)

–Fewer SKU’s to order / stock

  • No accessories required

–No nuts / bolts / packing blocks

  • Lighter weight cable clamps

–Reduced weight on construction

–Easier to carry around site

–Safer during installation at height

Coated Cable Clamps

BAND-IT Order Code Length Single/Double Wrap *Max Cable OD (Single cable config.) Max Cable OD (Trefoil cable config.) Max Cable OD (Quadrafoil cable config.) Weight Per Piece
LFAC-F1015M030-A900 300mm Single 40mm 13mm 12mm 0.025kg
LFAC-F1015M040-A900 400mm 75mm 28mm 25mm 0.030kg
LFAC-F1015M050-A900 500mm 100mm 37mm 37mm 0.038kg
LFAC-F1015M060-A900 600mm 130mm 50mm 50mm 0.045kg
LFAC-F1015M070-A900 700mm 160mm 60mm 60mm 0.052kg
LFFC-F1015M040-A900 400mm Double 40mm 13mm 12mm 0.030kg
LFFC-F1015M050-A900 500mm 55mm 22mm 18mm 0.038kg
LFFC-F1015M060-A900 600mm 70mm 28mm 25mm 0.045kg
LFFC-F1015M070-A900 700mm 85mm 35mm 31mm 0.052kg
LFFC-F1015M080-A900 800mm 100mm 42mm 37mm 0.060kg
LFFC-F1015M100-A900 1000mm 130mm 57mm 50mm 0.075kg
LFFC-F1015M120-A900 1200mm 160mm 70mm 60mm 0.090kg

Uncoated Cable Clamps

The uncoated cable clamps have passed IEC61914:2015 short circuit test in a trefoil configuration – with short circuit fault current ratings in a double wrap up to 112kA for 15.88mm width and 120kA for 19.1mm width.

BAND-FAST clamps can be installed using the C001 BAND-IT Tool – Order code – BAND-IT C001.

BAND-IT Order Code Width Length *Max Cable OD (Single cable config.) Max Cable OD (Trefoil cable config.) Max Cable OD (Quadrafoil cable config.) Weight Per Piece
LFEC-F1030M050 15.88mm (5/8″) 500mm 55mm 21mm 18mm 0.062kg
LFEC-F1030M060 600mm 70mm 28mm 25mm 0.070kg
LFEC-F1030M070 700mm 85mm 35mm 31mm 0.078kg
LFEC-F1030M080 800mm 100mm 42mm 37mm 0.086kg
LFEC-F1030M100 1000mm 130mm 57mm 50mm 0.103kg
LFEC-F1030M120 1200mm 160mm 70mm 60mm 0.120kg
LFEC-F1230M050 19.1mm (3/4″) 500mm 55mm 21mm 18mm 0.078kg
LFEC-F1230M060 600mm 70mm 28mm 25mm 0.088kg
LFEC-F1230M070 700mm 85mm 35mm 31mm 0.098kg
LFEC-F1230M080 800mm 100mm 42mm 37mm 0.108kg
LFEC-F1230M100 1000mm 130mm 57mm 50mm 0.128kg
LFEC-F1230M120 1200mm 160mm 70mm 60mm 0.150kg

➡ See also BAND-IT BAND-FAST Clamps.

➡ Thorne & Derrick stock and distribute the complete range of Band & Buckle products and tools manufactured by Band-It  from stainless steel used to fasten, strap and clamp LV MV HV cables, pipes and hoses.

Test Report for BAND-IT Company BAND-FAST Cable Bands

45.5 kA, 50.8kA & 76.3kA Short Circuit Current Rating Tests | Single Wrap 

Clamp Assembly Reference | LFAC-F1015M***-A900
Single / Double Wrap | Single
Band Width | 5/8″
Fastener Type | Clip
Material | 316 Stainless Steel
Band Coated / Uncoated | Coated with PPA571

Cable | LV Low Voltage 0.6-1kV, PVC, Class 2 Cu, Ø 38-39mm Outside Diameter.

Conclusion | The tested combination passed the test for: 45.5kA peak (600mm spacings) and 50.8kA peak (300mm spacings) short circuit currents according IEC 61914 Edition 2.0 (2015-11), clause 9.5.3: resistant to mechanical forces, withstanding more than one short circuit. After the second short circuit peak test a dielectric test is performed upon the cable clamps at 1kVac for 1 minute after 2 minute pre-wetting by water spray. Result: Pass. BAND-FAST cable clamps demonstrate a short-circuit current withstand of 76.3kA when installed in double wrap formation for the stable support of LV MV HV cables in short-circuit conditions.

Cable Clamps

Pictured | Test rig with BAND-FAST cable bands at 600mm centres shown the LV Low Voltage cable, per the specification listed above, located to the cable ladder system in trefoil formation using 5 strapping bands.

Cable Clamps

PPA Coated & Uncoated BAND-FAST Clamps | with captive clip from BAND-IT – cable strapping bands for the location and short circuit restraint of LV MV HV cables.

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