CW20SS Cable Gland Kit – Prysmian Bicon KA419-71

CW Brass Cable Gland Kits – Prysmian Bicon KA419 Glands (SWA Steel Wire Armoured Cable Terminations)

CW20SS Brass Cable Gland Kits


Prysmian Bicon KA419-71 (CW20SS) CW brass cable glands with 20mm entry thread enable cable termination of galvanised steel single wire armoured plastic or rubber sheathed cables in indoor or outdoor applications  – the CW20 cable glands are weatherproof and waterproof (IP66), suitable for 8.0-13.2mm cable diameters.

CW20SS cable gland features a 3 part armour lock for simple inspection and armour continuity.

CW20SS cable gland termination suits armoured BS EN 50262 & BS 6121-1: 1989 cables and the gland is rated to IP66 with use of suitable sealing washer or thread sealant at gland interface.

Prysmian Bicon CW20SS

Brass Cable Gland Kit

BW CW Cable Glands

BW or CW Cable Glands? BW glands are indoor cable terminations (IP54) – CW glands are suitable for indoor/outdoor (IP66) termination of cables

Technical Specification

  • Manufacturer: Prysmian
  • Brand: Bicon
  • Cable Gland Location: Outdoor
  • Order Code: KA419-71 (CW20SS)
  • Type Of Cable Termination: SWA Armoured Cables
  • Cable Gland Material: Brass
  • Cable Gland Size: CW20SS
  • Quantity Per Kit: 2 Glands
  • Under Armour Max ∅ (A): 8.6mm
  • Cable Diameter (B): 8.0-13.2mm
  • Armour Wire ∅: 0.9mm
  • Entry Thread (D) : M120x 1.5
  • Thread Length (E) : 10mm
  • Protrusion Length (F): 44mm
  • Hexagon A/F (G): 23.4mm
  • Hexagon A/C (H): 26.7mm
  • Order Code: Prysmian Bicon KA419-71

Also available from Prysmian ➡ BW Brass Cable Glands | CW Aluminium Cable Glands A2 Brass Cable Glands

CW Cable Gland Kit Contents: CW Gland, Brass Earth Tag, Brass Locknut and PVC Shroud (2 per kit up to and including 25mm gland size). CW glands packs also available for low smoke zero halogen and ATEX hazardous area applications. For 11kV-33kV cable terminations see MV-HV cable glands.

Gland kit order code: pRYSMIAN CW20SS KA419-51 (Standard) KA419-71V (Nickel Plated)
CW16 Brass Cable Gland Kit

Prysmian Bicon CW20SS Brass Cable Gland Kits – Dimensions Illustration


Cable Cleats

Prysmian cable gland kits available in brass, aluminium, nickel plated or stainless steel for LV, MV or HV cable termination of wire armoured, wire braided and unarmoured cables, including low smoke zero halogen cables in industrial non-hazardous areas.

Flameproof and explosion proof Ex e/Ex d hazardous area cable glands with ATEX and IECEx certifications also available.

Also a complete range of Prysmian single, trefoil and bundled LV-HV cable cleats.

Prysmian Cables Glands - BW CW A2 Brass Aluminium Glands

Prysmian Cable Glands – BW CW A2 Brass Aluminium Glands