ENSTO SO260 Suspension Clamps IMWS


ENSTO SO260insulated messenger wire system

suspension Clamp

Overhead Line Equipment 

Low Voltage LV Overhead Lines

ENSTO SO260 suspension clamps are used for the suspensioning of LV ABC cables as part of an insulated messenger wire system (IMWS).

Suitable for all climatic conditions. Features a pre-installed bracket.

➡ Also Uninsulated Messenger Wire Systems – Suspension Clamps

ensto so260 suspension clamps

product selection table

ENSTO Tension Clamp Order Code GTIN Bracket Included Messenger mm² Messenger Diameter mm² SMFL kN Weight (kg) Clamps per Pack
SO260 6418677418914 Yes 25 – 95 8.5 – 15.5 12 0.37 20
SO260.01 6418677419058 No 25 – 95 8.5 – 15.5 12 0.16 50
SO260.2 6418677419065 15.5 0.21 50


insulated wire messenger cable

An insulated messenger wire cable consists of between one and five weather resistant, high density or cross-linked, black, polyethylene insulated conductors which are twisted around an insulated aluminium alloy messenger with a typical tensile strength 300 N/mm².

The messenger, which is also the neutral conductor, takes all of the mechanical stress.

The cross section of the phase conductors can vary from 16 to 185 mm² to meet the load current, maximum acceptable voltage drop and short circuit current of the network.

Overhead Line Equipment