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MV Medium Voltage Overhead Line & Underground Cable Accessories up to 45kV

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& Cable Accessories

Ensto manufacture Overhead Lines & Underground Cable Accessories & Products for Low and Medium Voltage Networks (LV MV) utilising both heat shrink and cold shrink technologies – this includes joints, terminations and connectors.

Overhead Lines Products from Ensto for Medium Voltage Systems include: insulators, tension and suspension clamps, arc protection devices, sheath voltage limiters, current limiting devices, connectors, bird protectors, insulation piercing connectors, cross-arms and cable jointing tools.

Cable Terminations & Cable Joints | Medium Voltage

An underground cable network is relatively maintenance free and has a long service life. Ensto’s solutions for underground distribution networks offer functional and reliable medium voltage terminations and cable joints with both heat and cold shrink technologies. Moreover, Ensto hybrid joints and terminations are an effective and durable combination of both technologies.

The MV Cable Products have been tested according to international standards. Clear installation instructions help achieve a good and reliable end result by the cable jointer/splicer.

Cold Shrink Cable Joints

This Product Video demonstrates the multiple stages involved during the installation of Ensto Cold Shrink Cable Joints for single core XLPE insulated MV/HV (medium-high voltage) power cables. Ensto cold shrink cable joints include mechanical shearbolt connectors for simple conductor cable jointing. All-In-One cold shrink joints enable jointing of cables with XLPE insulation with copper wire screen or aluminium laminate shield up to 36kV.

The new All-in-One cable joints for 12kV-36kV combine all the necessary components together for a fool-proof high voltage cable joint installation. Each underground cable installation phase requires jointer skills and concentration for a superb end result. The cable joint accessories can either complicate or simplify the installation work for the cable jointer.

1. Positioning and removing cold shrink inner spiral 2. Connecting copper braid to cable screen with constant force springs 3. Removing spiral of two sealing cold shrink tubes

Due to compact structure, the Ensto cable joints require only a short cable opening length and parking space. All-in-One joints can be installed in cold temperatures as low as -25ºC.

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Joints & Terminations | Medium & High Voltage Cable Systems

What is an Insulation Piercing Connector?

An insulation piercing connector is a type of electrical connector that utilises a connection process to pierce or displace the insulation of a wire or cable to make a conductive path with the conductor inside – commonly known as insulation piercing clips, insulation displacement connectors and wire taps.

Ensto insulation piercing connectors are for use with insulated aluminium or copper conductors. The fully insulated bolt provides safe live line working – both main and branch conductor insulations are pierced by single bolt action to create a waterproof connection up to 1000 Volts (1kV). Test voltage 6 kV/50 Hz/1 minimum in water. Connector design enables hot line installation without peeling insulation from the cable conductor – suitable for the connection of low voltage distribution networks.

Insulation Piercing Connectors | OHL Overhead Line Clamps | ENSTO

Insulation Piercing Connectors | OHL Overhead Line Clamps | ENSTO


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