ENSTO SO270 Suspension Clamps


suspension Clamp

Overhead Line Equipment 

Low Voltage LV Overhead Lines

  • ENSTO SO270
  • GTIN 6418677441875
  • Clamp Application: 4 x 16 mm², 2 – 4 x (25 – 120) mm² Conductors
  • Conductor Diameter: 12 – 42 mm
  • SMFL kN: 7 kN
  • Also Tension Clamps


ENSTO SO270 is a suspension clamp used for the installation and suspension of four core ABC cables from poles with standard hook attachment. For straight lines and depending on cross section, angles up to 15/30 degrees.Structure itself provide installation without any tools. Clamp including composite parts is protected form wearing in hook attachment point.

Overhead Line Equipment