ENSTO SO3 & SO4 Tension Clamps For Uninsulated Messenger Wire System


ENSTO SO3.25uninsulated messenger wire system (amka)

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ENSTO SO3 & SO4 tension clamps are used for the tensioning of uninsulated messenger wire (AMKA).

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ENSTO SO3 and SO4 Tension Clamps

ensto so3 & SO4 tension clamps

product selection table

ENSTO Tension Clamp Order Code GTIN Colour Code Messenger mm² Messenger Diameter mm² SMFL kN Weight (kg) Clamps per Pack
SO3.16 6418677414541 16 4.8 4 0.105 50
SO3.25 6418677404597 Orange 25 5.8 6.6 0.103 50
SO3.35 6418677406403 Red 35 6.8 9.3 0.103 50
SO3.50 6418677404627 Yellow 50 8 13.2 0.103 50
SO4.70 6418677404733 White 70 9.6 18.6 0.237 50
SO4.95 6418677404740 Black 95 11.3 18.6 0.237 50


uninsulated wire messenger cable

Uninsulated messenger cable consists of one to five black, weather resistant polyethylene insulated conductors, either high density or cross-linked. The conductors are twisted around a bare aluminium alloy messenger with a tensile strength of 300 N/mm².

The AMKA Uninsulated Wire Messenger System is a reliable, safe and easy way to build Low Voltage (LV) Overhead Line System. Due to the system having few components and short poles it is very easy to use. AMKA is popular in countries such as Finland, Estonia, Hungary, Russia and Turkey.

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