Low Voltage Live Pot End Kits 4 Core 16-35sqmm PILC Cable – SPS POT 16-35-4PB

Live Pot End Kits For XLPE & PILC Low Voltage Cables

Low Voltage Live Pot End Kits 4 Core 16-35sqmm XLPE Cable – SPS POT 16-35-4PB

Heat shrink pot end joint kits and live cable end seals are used to abandon live low voltage cable ends with a cable conductor range of 16-35sqmm and suitable for 4 core cables with PILC insulation up to 3.3kV.

  • Number of Cores – 4 Core
  • Conductors – 16sqmm, 25sqmm 35sqmm
  • Cable Type – PILC/SWA/PVC
  • Heat Shrink Pot End Joint Kit Order Code – SPS POT 16-35-4PB
SPS Part Number PILC Cable Cable Range (sqmm) SPS Part Number XLPE Cable
POT 4-10-4PB 4 Core 4-10sqmm POT 4-10-4X
POT 16-35-4PB 4 Core 16-35sqmm POT 16-35-4X
POT 50-95-4PB 4 Core 50-95sqmm POT 50-95-4X
POT 120-185-4PB 4 Core 120-185sqmm POT 120-185-4X
POT 240-400-4PB 4 Core 240-400sqmm POT 240-400-4X

The table shows only the popular 4 core kits, for 2 or 3 core pot end kits the codes should be changed by substituting the figure 4 shown after the cable range to either 2 or 3.

Example: For a 3 core XLPE kit 35sqmm, the correct code should be POT 4-35-3X