Sicame MF4 Hybrid (‘D’ Section) LV Service Straight Connectors


Sicame MF4 are LV service straight connectors for straight cable jointing connections on stranded or solid service cables. The aluminium connector yoke is electro-tinned as standard and is supplied with brass grub screws making it suitable for jointing copper/aluminium, sector/circular shaped conductors.

Voltage Class – LV Low Voltage

  • Cable joint connector manufactured from aluminium allow (tinned) with brass screws
  • BS EN 61238-1 : 2003 Compression and Mechanical Connectors for power cables for rated voltages up to 36 kV. Test Methods and Requirements. Test report numbers—TTR/323, TTR/319, TTR/334
  • Straight through type available

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Part Order Code: Sicame MF4

Sicame MF4 Hybrid ('D' Section) LV Service Straight Connectors

Sicame Cable Joint Connectors LV


Cable Joint Connectors

Cable Joint Connectors & Lugs – joint, terminate and connect aluminium or copper cable conductors for low, medium and high voltages

Cable Voltages: LV (1000V), 6.6kV, 11kV & 33kV

Cable Voltages LV (1000V) 6.6kV 11kV 33kV

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