Earth Plates (Solid Copper) 600 x 600 x 3.0mm – Wallis EMP603

Earth Plates (Solid Copper) 600 x 600 x 3.0mm - Wallis EMP603

Earth Plates

Earth Plates Solid Copper

600 x 600 x 3.0mm

Wallis EMP603 earth plates manufactured from copper provide a reliable earthing solution where earth rods do not provide adequate earth resistance due to poor ground or soil conditions.

Earthing & Soil Conditions

Copper Earth Plates

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Earth resistivity impacts the impedance of buried copper conductors – earth resistivity is determined by soil characteristics including moisture content, soil temperature and soil types. When designed and installed according to applicable national standards Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems protect buildings and equipment from damage inflicted by fault currents or lightning surges.

Earth Plate Length x Width: 600mm x 600mm
Height: 3.0mm
Surface area: 0.73sqmm
Unit Weight: 9.60kg

Order Code: AN Wallis EMP603 (Copper)

  • BS EN 13601:2013 Standard – Copper and Copper Alloys. Copper rod, bar and wire for general electrical purposes.
Earth Plates - Solid Copper Dimensions

Earth Plates – Solid Copper Dimensions


Copper electrodes (including earth tapes and rods), conductors, clamps and earth bonding bars provide lightning and transient overvoltage energy with a direct and effective low resistance route from the Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems safely to earth.

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