Sealing Cables In Offshore Substations – A Roxtec CPD

Published 02 Apr 2019

Sealing Cables In Offshore Substations - A Roxtec CPD

Sealing Cables In Offshore Substations – A Roxtec CPD

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The Importance of Cable Sealing in Substations

An overview of sealing cables in LV MV HV offshore substations based upon industry standards and practical experience – understand and learn about the importance of sealing cable entry points and cable ducts.

The focus of the CPD relates to the causal of Partial Discharge in substation switchroom environments and looks at the primary mitigation measure of deploying proper cable sealing solutions in order to achieve optimum switchroom conditions for electrical switchgear and assets to operate in.

The CPD seminar lasts approximately 1¼ hr and is aimed at Engineers involved in the design, build and installation of electrical substations, in addition to Managers responsible for Asset Management and Maintenance, Quality, Safety and Environment.

By attending this seminar you will gain a greater understanding of:CPD Certified

  • The impact of insufficient substation cable sealing
  • The benefits of adequate sealing, including cables passing through bulkheads and decks
  • The impact of main risks / hazards relating to fire – A and H class
  • Ensuring the design and installation of substation seals meet the requirement of the client through clear design and specification
  • Different LV and HV cables and how they are best sealed
  • How to seal transformer, GIS and busduct cables
  • The importance of civil structural considerations when designing and building a substation
  • The design requirements for switchgear operation, manufacturers’ recommendations and control measures

Who should attend?

  • Engineers involved in the design, build or installation of substations
  • Managers responsible for Asset Management and Maintenance, Quality, Safety and Environmental
  • Electrical, control, instrument, mechanical and civil engineers and designers
  • Owners, operators, design engineering companies and site contractors

Additional Course Information

CPD Points: 1

Location: This seminar can take place at your office or Roxtec’s office in Bury, Greater Manchester.

How to book:

To arrange this free seminar contact us:
Office tel: 0191 410 4292

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