STRUTSLAYR from RIDGID | The Strongest Most Powerful Strut Channel Cutter

Published 16 Nov 2020

STRUTSLAYR The Strongest Most Powerful Strut Channel Cutter


The NEW RIDGID STRUTSLAYR™ strut channel cutter is the latest accessory that makes the world’s most popular press tool even more valuable.

STRUTSLAYR Strut Shear Head attaches to, and is compatible with, RIDGID 32kN press tools – delivering excellent shop quality with a burr-free cut in less than 5 seconds.

strut channel cutter

There are no grinding or sawing sparks with this Strut Cutter – just a clear consistent SHEAR cut with a pull of a trigger.

The RIDGID® STRUTSLAYR™ delivers shop quality, burr-free strut channel cuts on the jobsite in 5 seconds or less. Compatible with RIDGID 32kN press tools, the STRUTSLAYR strut cutter offers a clean, consistent cut with a simple pull of a trigger.

*NOTE: Press tools are not included. Not compatible with RIDGID 320-E or CT-400.





  • Fab Shop Quality: Burr-free cuts eliminate the need for extra filing
  • Increased Efficiency: Clean, consistent cuts in 5 seconds or less
  • Shear Cut: no grinding or sawing sparks
  • Portable: Easy to move around the job site and mounts to RIDGID TRISTANDs
  • Built-in Measuring Guide: allows accuracy of cut on job site


Rigid Strutslayr

Thorne & Derrick, specialist distributors of Cable Cutting & Crimping Tools for LV-HV cables, are offering the complete RIDGID® STRUTSLAYR™ Kit at the discounted price of £1,791.76. ex. delivery & VAT. Contact us to place your order.

The RIDGID STRUTSLAYR™ kit includes the required RP-340 Press gun along with the Shearing Head, dies for the unistrut + a carry case.

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Accuracy is key when using a cutter head – the STRUTSLAYR strut head conveniently has a built in measuring guide to ensure accuracy standards are met. The strut channel cutter offers reduced risk of sparking when compared to grinders and chop saws and still manages to produce a clean, consistent cut.




Press Tool Compatibility – RIDGID® Standard Series 32kN Press Tools (such as the RIDGID RP350, RP340, RP330)

*Not for use with RIDGID 320-E and CT-400 Press Tools

For the full technical specification, visit Strut Shear Head

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