ENERGYx2020 | Interview With Paul Morrow From Klauke

Published 16 Jul 2020

Interview with Paul Morrow from Klauke


with Paul Finnegan & Louise Purcell (Energy Network Events)

Exhibiting at ENERGYx2020 in this informative interview Paul Morrow, UK & Ireland Manager for Klauke, part of the Emerson Group and world class manufacturers of cable cutting and crimping tools, discusses electrical safety and the recent launch of the KLAUKE Orange range of fully insulated tools that have set the standard within the global utility industry.

Health & Safety is a main pillar of Energy Network Events and the KLAUKE Orange range is a huge leap forward in the development of battery-powered cabling tools for the cutting and crimping of overhead lines and underground cables.

You can view the complete range of KLAUKE Orange tools here ➡ insulated cable crimping and cutting tools.

Energyxtra Interview

Paul Morrow describes how Klauke was started in 1879 by two brothers in Germany originally making high quality pliers for the watch-making industry employing only 5 people. In 1960 when electrification become more popular Klauke shifted to developing cable lugs.

In 2018 they were acquired by Emerson and along with Greenlee and Rigid, Klauke can now service all the mechanical, electrical and plumbing requirements in the market.

For even more safety, Klauke has now developed the world‘s first battery hydraulic crimping and cutting tools with Tri-Insulation Barrier.

Cable Cutting & Crimping

Insulated Tools & Total Safety

The world‘s first battery hydraulic crimping and
cutting tools with Tri-Insulation Barrier technology that provides users with 1.000V protection against
electrical shocks.

There have been several recent advances in cable cutting and crimping tool technology including data recording, bluetooth remote controls and pressure sensors.

All tools have become more compact making them more efficient for jointing and terminating cables in confined spaces as well as enhancing safety features.

Training, supervision, testing and PPE are all standards but what the KLAUKE Orange implements is another layer of electrical safety into the process.

Download Brochure Klauke Cutting & Crimping Tools

  • You frequently work in close proximity of live lines and parts. You cannot take any chances.
  • You have ergonomic issues due to use of manual insulated tools. You want to work safe but with faster and more ergonomic tools.
  • Cables you perceive as not live, can turn out to be live. You want to be protected at all times.
  • Live line cutting is one of your safety critical tasks. You have to use safer tools for more protection.

Tri Insulated Barriers on Klauke Tools

During the interview, Paul stresses the importance of safe working practices including the physical aspect of the tool e.g. the body insulation of the cable crimping or cutting tool. The new Orange Line Tool uses a 3 level or tri-insulation system – the 3 level includes creepage distance, insulation material and oil within the system.

Klauke EKM 60/22 ID ISM VDE

Klauke EKM 60/22 ID ISM VDE battery powered hydraulic crimping tool 6 – 300 mm²


Klauke EKM 60 ID ISM VDE battery- powered hydraulic crimping tool 10 – 240 mm²

Klauke ES 20 ISM VDE

Klauke ES 20 ISM VDE battery-powered hydraulic cutting tool 20 mm dia.

Klauke ES 32 ISM VDE

Klauke ES 32 ISM VDE battery-powered hydraulic cutting tool 32 mm dia.

Klauke ES 25 ISM VDE

Klauke ES 25 ISM VDE battery powered hydraulic cutting tool 25 mm dia.

Klauke ESM 35 ISM VDE

Klauke ESM 35 ISM VDE battery powered hydraulic cutting tool 35 mm dia.

Klauke ESM 50 ISM VDE

Klauke ESM 50 ISM VDE battery powered hydraulic cutting tool 50 mm dia (copper + aluminium cables)

➡ View the KLAUKE Orange and to hear the full interview with Paul.

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About ENERGYx2020


ENERGYx2020 is the best Electricity Industry Event of its kind in Europe for distribution network operators, private network operators, energy transmission, renewable energy, telecommunications, and rail companies. This Net Zero event combines Overhead Lines, Plant and Cables over 2 days on the 24th and 25th of November 2020 at Chester Racecourse.

The event is about the drive to Net Zero and future innovations within the electrical industry, whether that be in the short or long term. It is attended and supported by a wide mix of people working in Electrical Utilities, Network Operators, DNOs, Railway Companies, Transport Specialists, Renewable Companies, Civil Works, Health & Safety, Telecom, Data Centres and Industrial Manufacturers with private networks.

Special thanks to event sponsors Nexans & Lucy Electric.

Other T&D partners exhibiting include 3M, Emtelle, Filoform, PB Weir, Slingco & TF Kable

Other T&D partners exhibiting include 3M, Emtelle, Filoform, PB Weir, Slingco & TF Kable

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