RIDGID® STRUTSLAYR™ | Tools for Cutting Unistrut & Strut Channel

Rigid STRUTSLAYR Strut Shear Head



Strut Shear Head

Strut Shear Head | Tools for Cutting Strut Channel (Unistrut)

The RIDGID® STRUTSLAYR™ is a strut shear head cutter that is able to deliver shop quality, burr-free strut channel (Unistrut) cuts on the job in 5 seconds or less. No grinding or sawing sparks – no hot-working permits required.

Compatible with RIDGID 32kN press tools*, the STRUTSLAYR strut cutter offers reduced risk sparking when compared to grinders and chop saws and still manages to produce a clean, consistent cut just by pulling the trigger.

The STRUTSLAYR™ is portable so can easily be moved from job to job and is compatible with RIDGID TRISTANDS.

Accuracy is key when using a cutter head so this strut head conveniently has a built in measuring guide to ensure standards are met.

Please Note *Press tools are not included. Not compatible with RIDGID 320-E or CT-400.

  • Fab Shop Quality – burr-free cuts eliminate the need for extra filling
  • Increased Efficiency – clean and consistent cuts in 5 seconds or less
  • Shear Cut – no grinding or sawing sparks
  • Portable – easy to move around the workplace location
  • Accuracy – built in Measuring Guide ensures precision length cutting of Strut on site
STRUTSLAYR The Strongest & Most Powerful Strut Channel Cutter

STRUTSLAYR, The Strongest & Most Powerful Strut Channel Cutter – the first mobile-dedicated strut tool on the market, creates clean, square strut cuts free from chips and burrs with a single pull of the trigger, and in five seconds or less.


STRUTSLAYR | This purpose-built RIDGID STRUTSLAYR™ Strut Shear Head provides professional contractors a new way to achieve fabrication shop-quality results in the field.


RiDgid STRUTSLAYR Features

  • Quality Cutter
    Burr-free* cuts eliminate the need for extra filing
  • Increased Efficiency
    Cutter head offers clean, consistent cuts in 5 seconds or less
  • Safe Operation
    Strut head reduces sparking verses grinders and chop saws
  • Portable
  • Easy to move around the job site and mounts to RIDGID TRISTANDs
  • Built-in Measuring Guide
  • Allows accuracy on the job site
  • *Burr free with dedicated 41mm x 41mm or 41mm x 21mm dies
STRUTSLAYR | Clean, square, burr-free cuts in 5 seconds or less.

STRUTSLAYR | Clean, square, burr-free cuts in 5 seconds or less.

Strut Cutter Head Specification

Strut Channel Cutting Capability41 x 41 mm or 21 x 41 mm strut channels (max. 2.5 mm wall-thickness). Not for use with stainless steel strut
Weight of Cutting Head5.8 kg (including dies, not including press tool)
Press Tool CompatibilityRIDGID® Standard Series 32kN Press Tools (such as the RIDGID RP 350-B Tool Kit)

Not for use with RIDGID® 320-E and CT-400 Press Tools

Cut Squareness+/- 2° (strut must extend past strut support)
Shearing Dies21 x 41 mm Dedicated Die (Part No. 64033)

41 x 41 mm Dedicated Die (Part. No. 64038)


STRUTSLAYR™ Strut Shear Head

STRUTSLAYR™ Strut Shear Head

RiDgid Strutslayr Ordering Information


Strut Shear Cutter Head Description
64053Kit, Head, Case + 21mm x 41mm Dies​19.768.96
64058Kit, Head, Case + 41mm x 41mm Dies​19.768.96

➡ Please contact T&D if you would like a demo of the STRUTSLAYR™.

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