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Published 01 May 2019

Nexans Euromold

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Subsea Cables

This document describes a Nexans standard MV Medium Voltage subsea power cable.

Optical fibres can be included upon request. Utilising the common nomenclature U0/U(Umax)1, the following voltage ratings are covered in this Subsea Cable document:

  • U0/U(Umax) = 3 Phase Core 11kV 6/10(12)kV
  • U0/U(Umax) = 3 Phase Core 24kV 12/20(24)kV
  • U0/U(Umax) = 3 Phase Core 33kV  18/30(36)kV

Fibre Optic Core: Multiple single mode fibres (G652) are encapsulated in a protective steel tube together with a hygroscopic filling compound. The final diameter of the FO element is tuned to match the primary interstice of the main assembly by extruding an outer polyolefin cable sheath.

Cable Armour: Protective layer(s) of galvanised steel wires is applied over the inner covering. Interstices are filled by bitumen for corrosion protection – these can be prepared using approved cable cleaners. The cable armour provides axial stiffness and crush resistance. Steel wire dimensions are according to IEC60502-2 section 13, and steel wire properties according to EN10257-2 and EN10244-2. A number of steel wires can be replaced by zinc wires for additional corrosion protection.

Cable Joints, Terminations & Connectors

Complete range of Heat Shrink | Cold Shrink | Push-on type cable joints, terminations and connectors available for Medium & High Voltage MV HV subsea power cables with integral FO Fibre Optic cores from the Nexans Euromold range. See also the Prysmian FO Fibre Splice and Enclosures range for connecting and jointing FO cables.

For onshore applications please see: 11kV 33kV MV HV Medium & High Voltage Power Cables.

Subsea Cables

Subsea Cables

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