Prysmian Fibre Splices (FO Cables) – ESDF4 In Line Joints & Enclosures

Published 04 Apr 2019

Prysmian Fibre Splices (FO Cables) - Joints & Enclosures from Prysmian

Prysmian Fibre Splices (FO Cables) – Joints & Enclosures from Prysmian

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Prysmian Fibre Splices

Enclosures, Joints & Splices for FO Cables

The Prysmian ESDF4 In Line Joint is an underground cable joint suitable for direct burial and underground chamber applications. The fibre splices/joints, manufactured by Prysmian, are used for the jointing, splicing and branching of optical cables with a total capacity of 72 fibres.

The Prysmian joint kit is supplied with six splice trays each able to accommodate up to 12 fibre splices. Cable entry glands, splice protectors and mounting brackets are ordered separately to suit the application requirements.

Note: Four Cable Entry Kits must be ordered per joint. If only two cables are required blank entry kits must be used to seal the fibre splicde or joint.

Prysmian ESDF4 In Line Joint

Features & Benefits

  • Installation in an underground chamber or direct buried
  • Six splice trays are each able to accommodate 12 spliced fibres
  • Maximum spliced fibre capacity is 72 fibres
  • Between 4 and 16 cable entries dependent on cable diameter
  • Mechanical cable sealing of the fibre optic splice
  • Cable anchor system allows cables to be prepared away from the joint
  • Continuous addition of branched cables possible for up to 4 cables per port
  • Reliable sealing of the box using a mechanical gasket allows easy entry
  • Splices/joints are suitable for direct buried applications
  • Pole and wall mounting brackets available
  • Earth point for cables metallic parts

Prysmian ESDF4 In Line Joint Technical Data

  • Prysmian Part Number: XJTSC00083
  • Number of cable ports: 4 – 16 (depending on diameter)
  • Maximum cable diameter (mm): 25
  • Maximum number of trays: 6
  • Maximum fibre capacity: 72
  • Required space envelope (mm): (l) 500 x (w) 160 x (d) 90
  • Operating temperature: -20oC to + 50oC (5 to 95% RH)

Splice or Joint Closure Material:

  • Closure: Glass Filled Nylon
  • Splice trays: FR ABS

Splice or Joint Closure Testing:

  • Closure Sealing IP68
  • Optical: Tested at 1310nm, 1550nm and 1625nm
  • Drop: EN 60068-2-32
  • Salt Mist: NF C 20 – 711
  • Vibration: EN 60068-2-6
  • Shock: EN 50 102


  • Packing Dimensions (mm): (l) 580 x (w) 180 x (d) 110
  • Packed Weight of Splice (kg): 3.3
  • Net weight of Splice (kg): 3.0
  • Installation Instructions included
Prysmian Splices Joints Enclosures

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Prysmian Fibre Splices (FO Cables) Additional Items
Prysmian Part Number Product Description Product Image
ESDF4 ILJ Cable Entry Kits
XJTSC00084* Blank Entry – to seal unused ports ESDF4 ILJ Cable Entry Kits
XJTSC00085* Single Entry – for one cable up to 25mm
XJTSC00086* Double Entry – for two cables up to 12.5mm each
XJTSC00087* Quad Entry – for four cables up to 9mm each
Wall Mounting Bracket
XJTSC00088 The ILJ Wall Mounting Bracket is used for mounting the In Line Joint to a
wall. The bracket is supplied with the appropriate fixings.
Wall Mounting Bracket
Pole Mounting Bracket
XJTSC00089 The ILJ Pole Mounting Bracket is used for mounting the In Line Joint to a
Pole. The bracket is supplied with the appropriate fixings.
Pole Mounting Bracket
Heat Shrink Splice Protectors
XPESC00053 Splice protectors are used to protect the fibre splice. They are 2.2mm in
diameter and 45mm in length.
Heat Shrink Splice Protectors
Crimp Splice Protectors
XKTSC00020 The Crimp Splice Protector Kit is used to convert the splice tray in an In
Line Joint to accommodate crimp splice protectors. One kit is required
for each splice tray. The kit contains an insert to house the splice
protectors and 12 crimp splice protectors.
Crimp Splice Protectors


*ILJ Cable Entry Kits are used to install cables into an In Line Joint. One kit contains all of the components required to prepare, install and route the fibres of one cable to the splice trays. Four Cable Entry Kits must be used. If only two cables are required to be installed, then two blank kits must be ordered also.  (Kits are available for installing one, two or four cables into a port, depending on the cable diameter).

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