Cable Cleaning Wipes | 3M Jointers Wipes For Cleaning LV HV Cables

Cable Cleaning Wipes - 3M Jointers Wipes For Cleaning LV HV Cables

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Degreasing & Cleaning Cables

50kV Dielectric Strength – LV MV HV Cable Cleaners

3M’s cable cleaning wipes are designed for cable jointers to clean contaminants such as grease, oil, sealants and cable jelly from switchgear and cables and is ideal for cable cleaning prior to cable jointing, termination of cables, substation cleaning and maintenance and the degreasing of overhead power lines in rail applications.

3M’s cable cleaning wipes are lint free and high strength and are able to safely and effectively remove heavy or old deposits without hazard to the user, environment, substrate or insulation materials – the cable wipes are used to clean electrical equipment and cables without chlorine and are classed as non-aromatic.

The cable cleaning wipes are available in 3 sizes of containers offering 75, 250 and 500 cable wipes. Gloves are recommended to be worn for skin protection – refer to cleaning wipes MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet. 

Solvent Cleaning Products for Cables & Electrical Equipment

An extensive range of electrical and cable cleaning solvents for various applications including general cleaning, cable installation, jointing and splicing cables, repair, cleaning and maintenance of power, electrical, copper and fibre optic cables, tools, mechanical parts and network equipment. Cable cleaning products are available in liquid and pre-saturated wipes for wipe on/wipe off cleaning operations.

Cable Cleaning Wipes

Advantages & Features

  • High dielectric strength cable wipes
  • Will not harm circuit boards or connectors
  • No deleterious effects on cable insulation
  • Safe to use and clean all electrical equipment and cables
  • Effective on both general grease/oil and protective coatings
  • Non toxic and non flammable

Cable Cleaning ApplicationsCable Cleaners

  • Cable cleaning prior to jointing including 11kV, 33kV and HV Triplex cables
  • Maintenance of cables, switchgear and network equipment LV HV
  • Low and high voltage electrical equipment cleaning and degreasing
  • Removes oils, soils, tar and bitumen residues from transformers and cables
  • High voltage approved cleaning solvent and cable wipes
  • High strength, low lint cable jointing and terminating cleaning wipes
  • Substation cleaning and maintenance
  • Low toxicity and odour cable cleaning wipes
  • Dielectric solvent up to 33kV
  • Electrical cable cleaning solvents
  • Cable cleaning prior to LV HV low and high voltage cable jointing
  • Removal of greases and jelly from switchgear (LV-HV)
  • Degreasing and cleaning overhead power lines and conductors
  • PCB cleaning

During the jointing of LV HV cables the sheaths must be abraded by rasp to ensure excellent adhesion of the jointing resin – once the cable is abraded approved cable cleaners should be used to remove all loose particles.

Here a O&M Engineering Manager is shown using cable cleaning wipes to clean down the HV terminals on a TMC manufactured transformer. TMC Transformers is a European company and global leader in the manufacture of low and medium voltage transformers, both VPI and cast resin transformers. Image: Solarcentury.

Cable Cleaning

Use Of Cable Cleaning Wipes & Solvents

Cable wipes have been adopted by UK and international power utilities for cleaning polymeric and bitumized coated cable sheaths and the removal of greases – once the LV HV cables are effectively cleaned an excellent bonding and sealing surface is secured for resin, Cold Shrink or heat shrink jointing systems to adhere to. The cable wipes are pre-impregnated with cleaner avoiding the requirement for solvents to be dispensed from containers – this eliminates the risk of unnecessary, wasteful and potentially harmful effects of exposure to spillage and splashes of the cable cleaner.

Cable Cleaning Container Size 3M Description
1 Litre Pail Contains 75 Cable Cleaning Wipes
3 Litre Pail Contains 250 Cable Cleaning Wipes
12 Litre Pail Contains 500 Cable Cleaning Wipes


Shelf Life
3M Cable Cleaning/Degreasing Wipes have a 12 month shelf life.

Recommended storage conditions are between 10-40°C with humidity level of <75%, in the original packaging.


The PF Solvent range of wipes for residue free electrical equipment cleaning and degreasing, cable cleaning prior to jointing and maintenance of cables, switchgear and network equipment. Designed to IEEE Recommendations and suitable for use on live (energised) and dead (de-energised) cables – single wipe solvent and dry wipe sachets are available as a kit component for cable joints. PF Solvent wipes can be applied using immersion, spraying, brushing or wiping methods and with a flash point of 60° Celsius (classed as non-flammable) – for further information go to PF Wipes and please do not hesitate to contact us.

PF Solvent range of wipes for residue free electrical equipment cleaning and degreasing, cable cleaning prior to jointing and maintenance of cables, switchgear and network equipment.

PF Solvent | high flash point, residue free solvent cable cleaner for cable cleaning prior to cable jointing. The PF wipes remove greases, oils, soils, tar and bitumen. Suitable for high, medium and low voltage applications.

33kV Cables

Cable Cleaning & Degreasing Wipes

During the installation of HV cable joints, terminations or connectors cable cleanliness is essential to prevent premature malfunction and failure of the cable accessory – approved cable cleaning wipes are used to remove all traces of the semi-conducting screen from the cable end towards the cable termination/joint point. The cable jointer must wipe the cable insulation along the available length to ensuring complete removal of contaminants. It is recommended that a non-flammable cable cleaning solvent be used. Any solvent that leaves a residue should be avoided. Do not use excessive amounts of solvent as this can saturate the semi-con layer and render it non-conductive. Know your solvent. Avoid toxic solvents that are hazardous to health.

Cleaning MV HV Medium & High Voltage Electrical Equipment

Partial Discharge & Lack of Electrical Equipment Cleaning. This array of high voltage copper busbars had a horizontal brace across the central section. Dust accumulated on the busbar surface and humidity induced dramatic changes on the voltage stresses. Partial discharge resulted between the busses and equipment failure caused by partial discharge due to lack of routine periodic cleaning was anticipated.

Cold Shrink Terminations 3M

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