3M LO42 Cold Shrink Tube | Track Feeder Cable Joints | Network Rail Approved

Published 23 Oct 2018

3M LO42

Cold Shrink Tube

LV Rail Cable Joints & Rail Terminations

Network Rail Third Rail Termination Cold Shrink Tubing

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  • Product Group: Joints & Terminations
  • Family: Low Voltage Cable Joints
  • Manufacturer: 3M Electrical
  • 3M Description: LO42 Cold Shrink Tube
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3M LO42

  • Applications: 150/240sqmm track feeder cables
  • Minimum cable diameter: 15.2.0mm
  • Maximum cable diameter: 61.0mm
  • Cable joint/termination kit length: 191.0mm
  • PADS Network Rail approval number: PADS 055/121351
  • Manufactured from EPDM rubber type Cold Shrink

Track Feeder Cable Joints

Track feeder cable joints are approved for cable jointing Network Rail NR/PS/ELP/21101, BS6360 and BS6899 specification single core copper and aluminium cables, 650/750 DC supply. CSP sheathed track feeder cables provide power supply from the substation to the rail track side. Rail track feeder cables (also known as trackfeeder cables) distribute 650/750V DC power supply from Traction Substations and Track Paralleling Huts to conductor rails – Network Rail approved power cable joints and terminations,  type 3M LO42, are suitable for track feeder cables manufactured to standard NR/PS/ELP/21101.

Cold Shrink3M LO42

3M Cold Shrink Network Rail cable joints are used for the cable jointing and cable terminating of track feeder cables.

3M Cold Shrink cable joints require no hot-work permit or special tools for installation.

The range of Cold Shrink Cable Sealing Tubes manufactured by 3M Electrical are specified for rail cable sealing, insulation and protection and are approved by Network Rail for live rail terminations and inline cable joints for DC track feeder cable applications.

3M Cold Shrink provides a permanent radial seal, expanding and contracting with the rail cable under load conditions. 3M Cold Shrink Tubes are made from EPDM rubber, expanded onto a removable supporting plastic core.

As the core is unwound, the 3M Cold Shrink insulating sleeve shrinks to form a tight seal around the cable terminal or Cold Shrink splice.



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