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Heat Shrink Terminations

Thorne & Derrick distribute HV Heat Shrink Cable Terminations for 6.6kV 11kV 33kV high voltage cables – we provide competitive prices for indoor and outdoor heat shrink terminations for HV cables from extensive stocks to UK and international destinations.

HV cable terminations suit single and 3 core medium/high voltage cables with XLPE, EPR or PILC insulation operating at 6.6kV, 11kV and up to 33kV – heat shrink cable terminations are complete with components including screen earth kit (copper tape screen cables), cable glands (bolt-on, compression or heat shrink type for armoured cables), insulating bushing boots and either crimp or shearbolt cable lugs.

Cable terminations are designed to terminate and connect 11kV/33kV cables into medium or high voltage electrical equipment including switchgear, transformer, motor, enclosure or pole-top mounted for overhead line distribution networks.

  • Voltages: 6.6kV 11kV 15kV 24kV 33kV 36kV
  • Cable Type: Single & 3 Cores (Copper/Aluminium Conductors 16sqmm-1000sqmm)
  • Cable Insulation: Polymeric (XLPE EPR) & Paper (PILC)
  • Location: Indoor & Outdoors
Heat Shrink Cable Terminations

Heat Shrink Cable Terminations | Single & 3 Core | Polymeric & Paper Cables | 11kV 33kV MV HV

Cable Terminations

Heat shrink cable terminations are suitable for Indoor and Outdoor connection of MV HV Power Cables – to clarify indoor terminations include cables terminated into substation switchgear and transformers and air insulated type cable boxes. Where cable terminations are connected to overhead line equipment and mounted pole-top an outdoor cable termination with rain sheds should be used.

Terminations are suitable for all climates, areas and environments including heavy polluted and hazardous areas where “hot-working” permits can be issued – the cable terminations provide non-tracking stress control connections for MV HV cables with water, UV, erosion and corrosion resistant performance. Dry type terminations do not require oil or compound filling – the insulation and non-tracking tubes provide effective high voltage termination of XLPE, EPR and PILC insulated cables.

For medium/high voltage cable installations where “hot-working” is not permitted due to the presence of flammable gases in potentially explosive atmospheres cold shrink terminations can be supplied which do not require naked flame or heat source to install.

The following installation procedure video details the process for installing heat shrink cable terminations for 11kV, 24kV and 33kV medium/high voltage cable networks with 3 core polymeric insulation (XLPE) typically in accordance with BS6622 / BS7835 – the cable is copper tape screened. The next video demonstrates the cable termination process for 33kV single core XLPE insulated cables with copper wire screens to be terminated into MV-HV switchgear.

MV HV Termination Training Videos

Heat Shrink Cable Termination 3 Core XLPE – Outdoor

➡ Heat Shrink Cable Termination Single Core XLPE – Indoor

Heat Shrink

Heat shrink tubings are used to insulate, protect, seal, joint and terminate cables operating at MV-HV – additionally heat shrink is used for cable sheath repair by replacing diminished cable insulation where power cable jackets are damaged during the cable pulling installation or degraded due to service damage overtime and a high voltage cable joint is not required. Heat shrink tubings provide excellent strength with improved resistance to chemicals, solvents, temperature extremes and UV for outdoor cable termination applications.

Correctly installed heat shrink will not crack, melt or flow when applied according to the cable termination kit instructions – the field installation service record documents very low failure rates when installed by trained and competent MV HV cable jointers.

If it is not permissible to use heat shrink due to the need to ignite gas torches and deploy a naked flame then a cold shrink termination system can be provided – commonly specified to terminate MV-HV cables in potentially explosive atmospheres with flammable gas/vapour environments in the hazardous area industries.

Indoor Cable Terminations Using Heat Shrink – Medium Voltage Separation Distances

Critical to the safe and long term stability and performance of medium/high voltage cable terminations is the requirement to terminate cables in accordance with the correctly observed separation distances according to the diagram and table below – typically bushing boots are used to heat shrink shroud the bushing connection to achieve the required levels of electrical insulation, especially at 11kV.

Cable Terminations

Distance (d) Phase/Phase & Phase/Ground Top of Stress Control Tube To Bottom Of Cable Lug Barrel
Voltage d=(mm) E
7.2kV (incl 6.6kV) 15mm 30mm
12kV (incl. 11kV) 20mm 50mm
17.5kV 20mm 75mm
24kV 40mm 95mm
36kV (incl. 33kV) 50mm 250mm
Cable Terminations

Minimum Clearances For Indoor Cable Termination Kits

Check the cable box for minimum clearances and refer to the table immediately below – if the actual dimension “A” and “B” is less than the value give, a bushing boot must be fitted.

Minimum Air Clearances for HV Terminations in Cable Boxes in Accordance with BS 164 Class A
Maximum System Voltage, Phase to Phase (kV) 6.6kV 7.2kV 11kV 12kV 24kV 33kV 36kV
Minimum Air Clearance Between Live Metal ‘A’ (mm) 90 127 242 356
Minimum Air Clearance Between Live Metal and Earth ‘B’ (mm) 65 75 140 222

Minimum Air Clearances for HV Terminations in Cable Boxes in Accordance with BS 164 Class A with Bushing Boots Fitted
Maximum System Voltage, Phase to Phase (kV) 6.6kV 7.2kV 11kV 12kV 24kV 33kV 36kV
Minimum Air Clearance Between Live Metal ‘A’ (mm) 45 75 100 125
Minimum Air Clearance Between Live Metal and Earth ‘B’ (mm) 32 60 75 100

Minimum Clearance Between Cores and Between Cores and Earth
Maximum System Voltage, Phase to Phase (kV) 6.6kV 7.2kV 11kV 12kV 24kV 33kV 36kV
Minimum Clearance ‘C’ (mm) Measured From Top of Heat Shrink Stress Control Tubes 15 20 40 50

Minimum Clearance Between Top of The Stress Control Heat Shrink Tubing and Base of the Cable Lug
Maximum System Voltage, Phase to Phase (kV) 6.6kV 7.2kV 11kV 12kV 24kV 33kV 36kV
Minimum Clearance ‘D’ (mm) 30 50 95 250

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Impulse Voltage Withstand for Indoor HV Terminations, Installed With Bushing Boots, on Bushings in Accordance with BS2562
Maximum System Voltage, Phase to Phase (kV) 6.6kV 7.2kV 11kV 12kV 24kV 33kV 36kV
Impulse Withstand Voltage (kV) 75 95 125 170

Pictured: 11kV Heat Shrink Cable Termination – here a 11kV 3 core PILC (Paper Insulated Lead) cable is shown terminated into a cable end box – the connection is insulated using bushing boots which are cold-applied and suitable for both straight or angled connections.

PILC Cable Terminations

Cable Terminations

Summary of Cable Termination Test Voltages

Heat shrink cable terminations manufactured by SPS are tested and qualified as outlined in Cenelec standards HD 628 S1 and 629.1 S2 : 2006. This testing criteria encompasses VDE0279 and IEC60502 and following voltage classes for HV Terminations : 3.8/6.6 (7.2kV), 6.35/11 (12kV), 8.7/15 (17.5kV), 12.7/22 (24kV) and 19/33 (36kV).

Cable Termination Test Test Voltage Rated Voltages U0 1U (Um) kV
3.8/6.6 (7.2) 6.35/11 (12) 8.7/15 (17.5) 12.7/22 (24) 19/33 (36)
Humidity 1.25 U0 5 8 11 16 24
Partial Discharge 1.73 U0 6.5 11 15 22 33
2 U0 7.5 12.5 17.5 25 38
Heating Cycle Voltage & AC Voltage / 15 min & 500 hrs 2.5 U0 9.5 16 23 32 47.5
AC Voltage / 1 Min 4 U0 15 25.5 35 51 76
AC Voltage / 5 Min 4.5 U0 17 28.5 39 57 85.5
DC Voltage / 15 Min 6 U0 23 38 52 76 114
Impulse (Peak) 60 95 95 125 194

Test Sequence & Requirements

Test Test Clause of EN 61442 Test Sequence Cable Termination Test Requirements
A1 A2 A3
1 DC Voltage Dry 5 X X 15 min at 6U0 no breakdown of flashover
2 AC Voltage Dry 4 X X 5 min at 4.5 Uno breakdown of flashover
3 Partial Discharge At Ambient Temperature 7 X Max 10p C at 1.73U0
4 Impulse Voltage At Elevated Temperature 6 X 10 impulses of each polarity, no breakdown or flashover
5 Heating Cycle Voltage In Air 9 X 126 cycles at 2.5U0 no breakdown or flashover for terminations and 63 cycles in water for joints
6 Partial Discharge At Elevated & Ambient Temperature  7 X Max 10C at 1.73U0
7 Thermal Short Circuit (Screen) 10 X 2 short circuits at 1sc no breakdown
8 Thermal Short Circuit (Conductor) 11 X 2 short circuits to raise conductor to 6sc of the cable, no breakdown
9 Dynamic Short Circuit 12 X 1 short circuit at 1d no breakdown
10 Impulse Voltage At Ambient Temperature 6 X X 10 impulses of each polarity, no breakdown or flashover
11 AC Voltage Dry 4 X X 15 min at 2.5U0 no breakdown or flashover
12 Humidity 13 X 300 hrs duration at 1.25U0
13 Examination X X X For information

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