Cutting 11kV Cables Using Cembre Battery Cable Cutting Tools

Published 23 Oct 2017


by Chris Dodds T&D - estimated reading time 5 minutes


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Featured Manufacturer: Cembre

Cable Cutting Tool Model: Cembre B-TC950 Cordless Hydraulic Cutting Tool

Contributed By: Watkins and Jacomb Construction Power & Consultancy

WJCPC are specialist LV HV Cable Jointing contractors with over 20 years experience in the electrical industry covering the utilities, renewable energy, rail, data centre and general industry sectors – with UKPN competency for LV HV Jointing, Confined Spaces, Substation Entry and Fault Finding.

The video below shows WJCPC cutting a section of BS6622 11kV 3 core medium voltage power cable using the battery operated Cembre B-TC950 tool prior to terminating into the MV cable box using heat shrink terminations.

The Cembre B-TC950 battery operated cable cutting tool has a capacity to cut up to 95mm outside diameter power cables including 11kV and 33kV. The Cembre tool features a dual speed cutting action – the two speed operation and automatic switching from a rapid advancing speed of the ram to a slower, more powerful speed for cutting copper and aluminium conductors.

Not suitable for cutting steel wire armour (SWA) or live/energised cables.

Cembre B-TC950 has a cutting power of 880 bar (12,700 psi).

How To Use Cembre Cutting Tools

Cutting Blade Advancement

The user or jointer should press the operating button (5) to activate the motor-pump – the ram will gradually move forward until the lower cable cutting blade (3) touches the cable conductor. To halt the advancement of the tool blade, release the button (5) and the motor will cut out. Ensure the cutting blade is exactly positioned on the desired cutting point of the cable – if not re-open the blade following instructions and reposition it.

Cable Cutting

Firmly hold the Cembre tool and operate the button (5) to gradually move the lower cutting blade (4) to cut through the conductor. When the conductor cut is clean and complete, release the button (5), otherwise the maximum pressure relief valve has activated.

Blade Retraction

By operating the pressure release button (6), the ram will retract and open the lower cutter blade of the tool.

Cembre B-TC950 Cable Cutting Tools

Cembre B-TC950 Cable Cutting Tools – Distributed by T&D

Cembre B-TC950 Battery Operated Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tool

Construction & Spare Parts

Cembre B-TC950 Battery Operated Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tool - Spare Parts

Dimensions 518 x 468 x 83 (20.4 x 18.4 x 3.3).

  1. Locking Lever
  2. Upper Cutting Blade
  3. Lower Cutting Blade
  4. Tool Handle Grip
  5. Operating Button
  6. Pressure Release Button
  7. Battery
  8. Battery Capacity Indicator
  9. Battery Checkbutton
  10. Battery Release
  11. LED Worklight
  12. Ring For Shoulder Strap

T&D distribute a complete range of cable cutters including ratchet, hydraulic and battery operated for precise and clean cutting of power, control and instrumentation cables with steel wire armour or braid and lead covered sheathings – ratchet cable cutters are recommended for cropping cable conductors of LV-HV cables where working space and access is confined in high voltage cable end termination boxes.

11kV Cable Preparation

Training & Tools

Failure to effectively and precisely prepare MV-HV cables by the jointer is a common cause of 11kV cable failure – images 1+2 below are clear examples of jointers workmanship deficiencies on a recent project which WJCPC were contracted to correct and complete following the condemning of the 11kV cable installation by the main contractor.

The 11kV 3 core XLPE medium voltage power cables show a reckless finish to the easy peel semiconductor screen with a toxic mixture of jagged edges, scoring marks and deep ringing – this could have been caused by the jointers using fully bonded screen removal tools with incorrect depth setting rather than the correct semicon stripping tool. The use of the correct cable jointing tools for each stage of cable preparation is critical to ensure safe and reliable installation and service of MV joints and terminations.

Compare images 1+2 with the perfect uniformity of MV cable preparation in image 3 achieved by WJCPC.

Critical to the long term stability and field performance of 11kV cable terminations and joints is perfect preparation of cable – care should be taken to ensure appointed MV HV Cable Jointing contractors are suitably trained and equipped with the required jointing, cutting and crimping tooling to perform medium/high voltage cable installations.

Cable Jointing Tools


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