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➡ View the complete range of Cembre Battery Crimping Tools – the Cembre battery range of cable crimping tools for use with crimps, connectors and lugs up to 400sqmm including medium/high voltage cables at 11kV/33kV.

Battery powered tools are balanced for ease of use with a double speed crimping action – for ease of operation and comfort the battery crimping tool can be fully rotated through 180 degrees.

Cembre battery cutting tools are also available for all cable types up to 95mm diameter.

Thorne & Derrick can provide expert tool recommendations to ensure customer selection of the most suitable battery crimping tool for the cable application – contact us to discuss your requirements.

T&D have been Official Distributors for Cembre since 1985 – full range of battery crimping tools are available for delivery to UK and international destinations from stock; hydraulic cable crimping tools also available.

Battery crimping tools feature a range of new generation features including the Multifunction OLED Display:

Battery Cable Crimping Tools Selection Tables

The following table enables the selection of the correct battery crimping tool from the Cembre range – contact us for assistance or to arrange demonstration.

 Cembre Tools  B15MDE B35-45MDE  B35-50MDE  B54MD-D6E  B500E B550E B1350-CE B1350L-CE B1350-UCE B1300-CE B1300L-CE B1300-UCE
Type Of Action CrimpCrimpCrimpCrimpCrimpCrimpCrimpCrimpCrimp Crimp Crimp  Crimp
Force Developed15kN35kN35kN63kN57.7kN132kN132kN132kN 132kN 132kN  132kN
Battery MaterialLi-IonLi-IonLi-IonLi-IonLi-IonLi-IonLi-IonLi-IonLi-Ion Li-Ion Li-Ion  Li-Ion
Battery Voltage18V18V18V18V18V18V18V18V18V 18V 18V  18V
Battery Current2Ah2Ah2Ah2Ah4Ah4Ah4Ah4Ah4Ah 4Ah 4Ah  4Ah
Length337mm354mm387mm458mm300mm358mm338mm395mm351mm 406mm 471mm 423mm
Height133mm133mm133mm133mm343mm358mm344mm372mm369mm 239mm 239mm 239mm
Width81mm81mm81mm81mm83mm83mm83mm83mm83mm 102.5mm 102.5mm102.5mm
Weight1.74kg 2.19kg 2.6kg 2.95kg 4.2kg 5.3kg 6.5kg 8.1kg 5.9kg 6.5kg 6.5kg 8.0kg

Maximum cable Crimping Application Ranges LV HV

Cembre Tool Cable Crimping Capacity (Sqmm)
LVHVC TapsInsulated Terminals CopperAluminium 
B35-50MDE 150sqmmN/A35sqmm50sqmmN/AN/A

Battery Crimping Tool Features

Cembre tools are preferred by electrical engineers, cable jointers, overhead linesmen and utility workers for their superior technical features and user benefits – the multifunction OLED display provides general operating and condition information about the crimping tools including battery power levels and charge status, pressure level display, crimping force check (kN) and tool service requirements.

The battery tools are equipped with LED indicators to display the remaining battery life at any time by pressing the adjacent button.

    1. Crimping tool head rotates through 180°
    2. Switch protected against accidental operation
    3. Pressure release button conveniently located on crimping tool
    4. Slot-in battery with release button
    5. LED lighting of the working area
    6. Motor ventilation of the crimping tools
    7. Bi-component tool body for increased impact resistance
    8. Multifunction OLED display with touch button
    9. Improved balance of the battery crimping tool for ease of handling
    10. Anatomically shaped grip for greater comfort
    11. 18.0V – 4.0 Ah Li-Ion high power batteries
    12. SMARTOOL technology for viewing and downloading operational data
Cembre B1300-C

See the Cembre B1300-C video below – the new generation, battery crimping tool which is hydraulic, cordless with 180° rotatable tool head with Li-Ion 18.0V 4.0 Ah high capacity battery.

Cembre B1300-C is supplied as standard with protective carrying case, battery charger, USB cable and shoulder strap.

Battery Crimping Tools

Battery Crimping Tools

Double speed action battery operated cordless crimping tools

Battery Crimping Tools

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