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➡ View the complete range of Cembre Battery Cutting Tools – the Cembre battery range of cable cutters significantly reduces electric cable installation times and are suitable for one-hand operation, balanced for greater control and with cable cutter head rotation through 180 degrees for ease of use in confined spaces.

Battery tools are ideal for cutting low and high voltage power, control and instrumentation cables including steel wire armoured (SWA) cables.

Cembre battery crimping tools are also available to suit all types of cable installations.

Thorne & Derrick can provide expert tool recommendations to ensure customer selection of the most suitable battery cutting tool for the cable application – contact us to discuss your requirements.

T&D have been Official Distributors for Cembre since 1985 – full range of battery cable cutting tools are available for delivery to UK and international destinations from stock; hydraulic cable cutting tools also available.

Cembre cordless hydraulic cutting tools with interchangeable dies perform a perfectly perpendicular cut without deformation of the wire, cable or conductor shape – compare the quality of cut achieved using Cembre tools to the jagged and angular cut using a competitor tool.

Cutting Cables Overhead Line Conductors Cembre Tools

Battery Cable Cutting Tools Selection Table

The following table enables the selection of battery operated cutting tools for underground power cables and overhead lines/conductors from the Cembre tools range:

Cutting Tool Features Cembre B-TC500E Cembre B-TC650E Cembre B-TC650-SCE  Cembre B-TC950E Cembre B35M-TFCE 
Battery Material Li-Ion Li-Ion Li-Ion Li-Ion 2.0 Li-Ion
Battery Voltage 18 V 18 V 18 V 18 V
Battery Current 4 Ah 4 Ah 4 Ah 4 Ah
Maximum Cable Cutting Diameter 50mm 65mm 65mm 95mm
Length 405mm 83mm 503mm 518mm 385mm
Width 83mm 415mm 105mm 83mm 195mm
Height 398mm 429mm 464mm 468mm 133mm
Weight 5.8kg 6.4kg 7.7kg 7.8kg 3.4kg
Min Temperature -15 °C -15 °C
Max Temperature  50 °C 50 °C


Cordless Hydraulic Battery Operating Cutting ToolsBattery Cutting Tools

Featuring 18V Li-Ion battery type operation the Cembre range of cable cutting tools are designed and specified to cut overhead lines and conductors including copper, aluminium, steel ropes and aluminium up to 95mm outside diameter. Tools are available to cut stay wire, steel rope and earth rods – the tools feature a 180° (320° for Cembre B-TC550E) rotating head for cutting cables and conductors in confined spaces including “scissor” movement of the cutting blades to facilitate the cutting of running cables. With improved ease and speed of cutting the balanced tools feature heat treated cutting blades for extended service life. The battery is equipped with LED indicators to display the remaining battery life by pressing the adjacent button.

With double speed action the cable and conductor cutting tools have been adopted by UK and international electric utilities for use by jointers and linesmen due to several user-friendly features including: shoulder strap, rubber grip inserts, low noise, minimal vibration and impact resistant shell resistant to shock and impact damage during field use.

Battery Cutting Tools

18.0V Cordless Hydraulic Cutting Tools – Battery Operated. Pictured: Cembre B-TC950E battery cutter has the cutting capability up to 95mm maximum diameter. L 518mm x H 468mm x W 83mm – weight 7.8kg including battery

Battery Operated Hydraulic Cutting Tools

Depending on model all Cembre tools are supplied with either protective plastic or metal carrying case to store the tool, spare battery, battery charger and accessories

Battery operated hydraulic cutting tools

The following figure shows the component parts and features common to battery operated hydraulic cutting tools including Cembre B-TC950, B-TC950A, B-TC950E and B-TC950T models.

  1. Locking LeverCable Cutting Tools
  2. Upper Cutting Blade
  3. Lower Cutting Blade
  4. Handle Grip
  5. Operating Button
  6. Pressure Release Button
  7. Battery
  8. Battery Capacity Indicator
  9. Battery Check Button
  10. Battery Release
  11. LED Worklight
  12. Ring For Shoulder Strap

Low battery status is indicated by pressing button 5 to prevent the tool powering-out during emergency working – the tool is supplied with a battery charger.


Cable Cutting Tools

Cembre Tools Spare Parts

A comprehensive spare parts package for Cembre tools is available – note any tool guarantee is void and infringed if Cembre parts are not used. When ordering spare tool parts please specify the following i) code number of item ii) name of item iii) type of tool (cutter/crimper) iv) tool serial number.

Battery Cutting Tools

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