Insulated Tools & Live Working Tools IEC60900

Insulated Tools & Live Working Tools

Insulated Tools & Live Working Tools

Insulated Tools

Live Working Cable Jointing Tools

CATU insulated tools and live working tools tools comply to IEC 60900 and NF EN 60900 standards and undergo 10kV through electrical testing and severe mechanical tests including impact tests, tearing tests and puncture tests to meet these standards and are for working live at nominal voltages up to 1kV AC and 1.5kV DC.

Insulated Tools & Live Working Tools

Full tool kits for low voltage applications are available with either dual material construction or dual layer, offering different benefits and features to each.

Insulated Tools & Live Working Tools

Dual Material Insulated Tools – Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for work on live cables, particularly low voltage (30cm area of a live bare wire, cable or conductor)
  • Ergonomic
  • Dual material with non-skid “softgrip” injected material for operator comfort

Dual Layer Insulated Tools – Features & Benefits

  • Extensive product live for work on live cables; mainly used by LV Live Line Working teams
  • Ergonomic
  • Dual-layer with a white insulating layer
  • High mechanical strength in the layers due to dipping technique
  • Steel with high mechanical properties

CATU Insulated Tools & Live Working Tools – LV Complete Set

CATU Part Number MO-510-03 (Delivered without tool bag)
Personal Equipment
MO-186 1 Face Shield
CG-98-C 1 Working Gloves Size C
CG-05-B 1 Rubber Gloves Size B
CG-36 1 Carrying Bag for Rubber Gloves
MP-42/16 1 Insulating Mat 3mm
Voltage Detector
MS-917 1 Voltage Detector
MP-26-A 10 Insulating Caps
MP-35/12 1 Insulating Blanket
MP-4110 10 Wood Clamps for Insulating Blanket
MP-32/15 6 Line Protectors 1.50m
MP-19 5 Insulating Adhesive Tapes
Insulating Tools
MO-61001 1 Stripping Knife
MO-67502 1 Cable Cutter 230mm
MO-68008/19 1 Open End Spanners Set With 8 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 19mm
MO-69903 1 Right Angle Hexagonal Key Wrench 3mm
MO-69904 1 Right Angle Hexagonal Key Wrench 4mm
MO-69906 1 Right Angle Hexagonal Key Wrench 6mm
MO-751 1 Insulating Folding Rule
MO-69003 1 Adjustable Spanner 250mm
MO-66002 1 Universal Pliers 180mm
MO-66202 1 Round Nose Pliers 160mm
MO-66502 1 Water Pump Pliers 250mm
MO-67102 1 Side Cutter 160mm
MO-69308/23 1 Sockets 3/8″ Wrench Set with 10 Sockets: 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17, 19, 21, 22, 23
MO-65205 1 Flat Blade Screwdriver 4 x 100
MO-65207 1 Flat Blade Screwdriver 6.5 x 150
MO-65209 1 Flat Blade Screwdriver 8 x 175
MO-65232 1 Phillips Screwdriver No.1
MO-65234 1 Phillips Screwdriver No.2
MO-65236 1 Phillips Screwdriver No.3
Optional Tool Bags
MO-34 Leather Tool Bag
MP-01 Bag for Insulating Mats
M-87384 Bag for Face Shield and Helmet
M-87386 Multi-Pocket Electrician Bag


Insulated Tools & Live Working Tools

CATU Electrical Safety
CATU Electrical Safety

T&D distribute a full range CATU Electrical Safety equipment including Arc Flash Kits, Insulating Boots & Safety Shoes and Voltage Detectors

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