Safer Exothermic Welding With Apliweld Remote Electronic Ignition & Bluetooth Starter

Published 08 Oct 2018

Safer Exothermic Welding With Apliweld Remote Electronic Ignition & Bluetooth Starter


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Exothermic Welding

Today, Thorne & Derrick welcomed Jason Leatherland (UK Manager at Aplicaciones Tecnológicas (AT3W) Lightning Protection & Earthing) to their UK office to learn more about their innovative Exothermic Welding System – Apliweld Secure+ is the safest + most efficient system for establishing Exothermically Welded Connections on substation earthing projects in the UK DNO, Power Transmission & Distribution and ICP sectors.

So What’s New?

The market-leading modern technology with remote electronic activation using Bluetooth replaces the conventional exothermic welding system dependent upon a manually applied spark using a Flint Gun for the welding and bonding connection of copper conductors including copper earth rods, cables and earth tapes.

Apliweld Secure+ replaces traditional welding powders (and all of their size variations) with a welding tablet compound activated remotely, by up to a safe 5 metre distance, from the controlled explosion location – the electronic starter reduces risk of burns injuries and improves operational Health & Safety.

Apliweld Secure+ is accepted or in the approval process for use at National Grid, Northern Powergrid, Western Power Distribution, Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN) and Electricity North West (ENWL).

AT3W are a Spanish manufacturer and supplier of Earthing & Lightning Protection products and solutions – their unique selling point is their dedication to innovation and R&D within the industry along with their complete product/solution portfolio.

What is Exothermic Welding?

Apliweld exothermic welding is a process that achieves the molecular bonding among two or more metallic conductors by a chemical reaction. This molecular bonding improves mechanical, electrical and anti-corrosion properties compared with any mechanical or clamped connection. Apliweld exothermic welding is the most efficient method to achieve permanent, reliable and high conductivity connections for any LV MV HV substation or installation requiring an earthing system.

Secure Exothermic Welding At Safe Working Distance

APLIWELD Secure+ Exothermic Welding SYstem

Apliweld Secure+ is the most innovative, efficient and safest method for making electrical earthing connections with exothermic welding and comprises the of following components:

APLIWELD Part Reference Product Image Product Description Technical Characteristics Benefits
APLIWELD-T Exothermic Welding Tablets APLIWELD-T Exothermic Welding Tablets Innovational tablet utilising only 2 sizes to produce all exothermic welded joints. Two references AT-020N, the most common one (valid for 90% of connections )and AT-021N larger size tablets, for use on larger joints. • Reference: AT-020N
• Tablet dimensions: ø 43 mm.
• Units per pack: 20 tablets
• Packaging dimen.: 52x52x220 mm.
• Total weight: 900 gr.• Reference: AT-021N
• Tablet dimensions: ø 55 mm.
• Units per pack: 20 tablets
• Packaging dimen.: 66x66x200 mm.
• Total weight: 2.000 grams
• Compact and easy to use
• Reduces stock costs
• Improves welding process times
• Increases equipment life-time
• Both electronic and powder starters can be employed
APLIWELD-E Electronic Starter APLIWELD-E Electronic Starter Not flammable. Electronic starters only ignite through the power supplied by the ignition device. • Reference: AT-010N
• Dimensions: 26 mm. ø24 mm.
• Units per pack: 10
• Packaging dimen.: 125x105x40 mm.
• Total weight: 87 grams
• Time of reaction: < 10 sec.
• Material: not flammable
• Its safety handle and storage features reduce labour risks
• Safe & easy setup
Electronic Ignition/Starter Device
KIT APLIWELD-E Electronic Ignition Device Ignition box enables controlled and remote electronic ignition of exothermic welding connections in a quick and  safe way. Includes: ignition unit (AT-096N), cable (AT-098N), 5 crocodile clips (AT-099N), battery charger and bag carrier. • Reference: AT-100N
• Power supply:
• Lead acid battery 6V 7Ah
• DC Voltage: 6V DC
• Battery charge: 12-36V DC 500 mA
• Battery life: more than 100 joints
• Battery charging time: 10 hours
• Dimensions: 216x180x102 mm
• Weight: 2300 grams
• Remote control ignition reduces labor risks.


Apliweld Secure +


  • Eliminates the need for numerous variety of exothermic welding size powders
  • Single welding compound reference for every welded earthing joint or connection
  • Reduction of stock volume : cost ratio
  • No shelf life and is non flammable
  • Much safer to use – electronic ignition unit / Bluetooth starter as opposed to flint gun
  • Minimises user error – every mould engraved with components/materials to be used
  • Can be used in windy conditions (zero powder spillage)
  • Highest possible ignition rates – less material failure
  • Reduced wastage from cartons, cups etc
  • Easy to use, reduces costs in labour and training


How to use Apliweld Secure+ Components

Aplicaciones Tecnologicas

AT3W Part Number Product Image Product Description Stage Process
APLIWELD-T Welding Compound Tablets Welding compound in tablets 1. Insert the tablets APLIWELD-T APLIWELD-T
APLIWELD-E Electronic Starter Electronic starter 2. Place and connect the electronic starter APLIWELD-E APLIWELD-E
APLIWELD-E Electronic starting device Electronic starting device 3. Press both push-buttons on ignition device or Bluetooth remote at the same time  Kit Apliweld-E
Exothermic Weld Final Weld Graphite mould 4. Remove the completed joint from the graphite mould Graphite Mould


Specific Exothermic Weld Mould Video

The following video shows the operating procedure for specific mould Apliweld Secure ensuring the process of exothermic welding is efficient.

Step 1 – Clean and remove any impurities from the mould or conductors
Step 2 – Heat the mould to 120°C before welding or when the mould is not hot enough
Step 3 – Fit the copper earth conductors into the mould and close the handle clamps
Step 4 – Set the proper number of tablets (see engraved on mould surface) in the crucible
Step 5 – Close the mould cover and place the electronic starter. Fix in position using lever
Step 6 – Open the Ignition Unit and connect the plugs. Connect the other side of the cable to the lateral part of the mould. Fix the clamp to the spike of the Electronic Starter
Step 7 – Keep away from the mould and switch on the Ignition Unit. Press both ignition buttons simultaneously until the exothermic welding process starts
Step 8 – Result is below image of an exothermically welded connection

Apliweld Secure – reliable electrical grounding, bonding and connection products for medium/high voltage substation earthing.

Exothermic Welding

Exothermic Welding

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Innovation, Reduction In Storage Costs & Increased Safety

Traditionally, exothermic welding required the user to be provided with multiple cartridges with different welding powder weights for establishing various connections.

Once the conductors were inserted in the graphite mould the welding compound and the reactive powder (usually a flammable compound) were poured into the crucible. Then a flint gun applied manually to the starting powder at arm’s length produced a spark triggering the exothermic reaction.

Exothermic Welding 1

Apliweld Secure+ utilises exothermic welding tablets NOT powders which are activated at safe working distance to suit all conductor combinations and configurations. The exothermically welded earthing connections are engineered to provide a permanent, molecular bond that will resist corrosion and loosening.

Exothermic Welding 2

AT3W & Thorne & Derrick

Thorne & Derrick will be working with AT3W to introduce and develop specifications and business for the Apliweld Secure+ exothermic welding system.

Jason Leatherland comments, “having worked successfully together with Thorne & Derrick in the past, I was keen to demonstrate and discuss this product system with them as I knew they would be best suited to showcase the system, and in particular, its increased health and safety benefits, to the most relevant sectors in order to increase the users efficiency and reduce the potential of site accidents from exothermic welding.”

Jonny Hewitt (T&D UK Power Team) added, “working with the UK DNO’s and their preferred ICP’s we look forward to further developing relationships and presenting the exothermic welding system to existing and new clients. We will be working closely with AT3W to introduce the product to market and improve worker and site safety in the utility industry.”

Pictured: Jonny Hewitt (T&D) with Jason Leatherland and Chris Dodds (T&D).

Exothermic Welding

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