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Published 11 Sep 2019


Thorne & Derrick: Stockists & Suppliers of Furse Products


Thorne and Derrick are stockists and suppliers of Furse Earthing and Lightning Protection products. Acquired by the ABB Group, Furse is established as the world leader for earthing and lightning protection.

Lightning is a real and significant threat – which is why there is a need for a total solution (for more, see Furse).

💡 Experience

Furse has over 125 years of experience to provide the optimum design; using minimal material to save you money.

💡 Expertise

Specialist advice is provided from fully qualified technical engineers – focusing on earthing and lightning protection concerns.

💡 Knowledge

The most appropriate and up to date products are used due to exceptional knowledge of the latest materials

💡 Compliance

Furse designs comply with all national and international standards, ensuring they remain at the forefront of new developments.furse compliance standards

  • NFPA 780 Standard for the installation of lightning protection systems
  • IEEE Std 80:2013 IEEE Guide for safety in AC substation grounding
  • ENA TS 41-24 Guidelines for the design, installation, testing & maintenance of main earthing systems in substations
  • BS EN 50522:2010 – Earthing of power installations exceeding 1.k Vac • SS 555
  • BS EN/IEC 62305 Protection against lightning

Technical Earthing Solutions

Lightning Protection Solutions –  Furse have a team of experienced engineers: engineering designs to meet client specifications and conducting risk assessment, complying to the latest standards.

Experienced Surveyors  – Accurate surveys are the key to creating effective earthing systems. Multiple readings are taken to ensure safe and accurate designs.

Analysis & Earthing Design – The latest CDEGS software is used to optimise designs. A range of detailed reports are produced to meet clients’ requirements.

Earth Resistance Testing –  The verification of earthing design is validated through measurement. An experienced team of engineers with a full understanding of electrode testing will conduct this.

 💡 NEWS: Researchers map timing and location of rare lightning “superbolts.”

Furse Earthing

Superbolts release a thousand times more energy (at least) than the average lightning strike and tend to occur mostly over oceans and seas. Forrest Moreland via Unsplash

Furse Design services, site surveys & analysis

furse design solutions

Earthing & Lightning Protection experts Furse provide Focused Technical Design Services | Image: Voltimum.co.uk

Earthing & Lightning Protection Solutions

Why choose Furse?

There are many benefits to choosing Furse for earthing and lightning protection analysis. They offer specialist advice from a fully qualified technical team, focusing on earthing and lightning protection. European and International standards are followed, which ensures that engineers remain at the focus of new developments.

Furse recognises that it is their responsibility to provide safe designs – and they always ensure to provide an optimum design, using minimal material and saving you money. By Utilising product knowledge and experience, designs are tailored and installed using the most appropriate products.

Soil Resistivity Surveys

A comprehensive soil resistivity survey is key to creating an effective earthing system; as opposed to inadequate or erroneous soil resistivity readings, which are likely to result in a flawed design.

Furse site surveys take multiple accurate soil resistivity readings at various depths across the site. As these results form the basis of the whole earthing design, the experience of engineers is critical in ensuring the correct implementation of the test data.

Analysis & Earthing Design

Furse can produce detailed earth electrode and lightning protection system designs. These are created through the use of the latest computer-aided design and modelling software and comply with recognised standards. Designs are also created to any complexity requirement or budgetary need. State-of-the-art software is used for full earthing analysis to determine step and touch voltages, potential rise and hot/cold classification of the site.

Earth Resistance Measurement

Earth resistance measurement is essential to accurately determine that the installed earthing system meets the criteria from initial design.

Furse technicians ensure all measurements are correctly taken and interpreted so that the true resistance of the earthing system can be accurately determined.

the total Furse solution

As the world leader in lightning protection services, Furse is committed to providing a good quality total solution.

structural lightning protectionStructural Lightning Protection

Furse offers a range of air termination systems, including strike plates and air rods      to capture lightning strikes. They also offer    an extensive range of down conductors and lightning protection components which channel lightning energy safely to a Furse earth termination network.

  • Air Termination Systems
  • Lightning Protection Conductors
  • Conductor Clips
  • Clamps And Hold-fasts
furse earthingEarthing

A combination of earth electrodes, as well as FurseCEM soil conductive back-fills and conductors,  are offered from Furse. Equipotential bonding bars are also supplied to provide effective, low resistance dissipation from the lightning protection systems to earth.

  • Earth Rods And Conductor Systems
  • Mechanical Earth Clamps And Bonds
  • Soil Conditioning Agents
  • Earth Bars And Equipotential Bonding
electronic systems protectionElectronic Systems Protection

Furse has an exhaustive range of                  equipotential bonding and transient overvoltage SPDs. These provide fully coordinated protection against transient overvoltages, on all incoming and outgoing metallic service lines – including power,     data, signal and telecoms.

  • Lightning Equipotential Bonding SPDs
  • Mains Power Transient Overvoltage SPDs
  • Data, Signal And Telecommunication Lines
  • DC Power And Photovoltaic
Furseweld Exothermic WeldingFurseWELD – Exothermic Welding

FurseWELD exothermic welding is a cost-efficient and self-contained system. It uses the high-temperature reaction of powdered copper oxide and aluminium, within a mould, to form permanent electrical connections.

  • Moulds
  • Powder
  • Handle Clamps
  • Accessories



Furse has shared its expertise with the following industries. furse power plant

  • Oil & Gas / Petrochemical
  • Utilities
  • Rail & Infrastructure
  • High Tech & Industrial
  • Commercial Construction
  • Ports & Recreation
  • Government & Public Sector

For the full case study, visit the PDF in Further Reading.

furse industries case study

Further Reading

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Furse | A Supplier Overview



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