How Do Cable Socks React To Salt Water?

Published 07 Jan 2021

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Cable Socks For Saltwater

Slingco understands that choosing the right cable sock can be a challenge. There are key factors to consider when specifying cable socks, such as:

  1. How long the cable sock will be submerged. This could be 1 day, 1 month or longer
  2. The kind of environment, eg harsh conditions or rough terrain
  3. The effect saltwater has on a cable sock
  4. Whether a cable sock can still be used after exposure to saltwater
  5. How to choose the best cable sock for the application

Typically, where longer term saltwater exposure is involved, the choice is Aramid – specialist non-metallic socks.

Saltwater Test Results

Slingco have tested their cable socks by an independent leading, inspection, verification, testing and certification company. Here’s a sample from the test results of the effects of saltwater on steel socks.

Galvanised cable sock ZCS0307 after 40 days saltwater exposure

Galvanised grip ZCS0307

Galvanised cable sock ZCS0307

Extensive red rust corrosion covered the majority of the component. Red rust was observed from the first interval check, with white rust deposits on 2 sections.

Stainless steel cable sock ZCS1895 after 40 days exposure to saltwater

Stainless grip ZCS1895

Stainless steel cable sock ZCS1895

Red rust corrosion was apparent on 60% of the sample. White rust deposits were observed on 5 sections, with the onset of degradation occurring after 1 week.


Aramid cable socks ZCS2816 after 40 days exposure to saltwater

Aramid grip ZCS2816

Aramid cable sock ZCS2816

As you can see, there was no degradation or rusting throughout the test exposure, making these the most reliable cable socks for saltwater application.

Slingco have also undertaken extensive destruction tests on socks exposed to saltwater. To request a copy of the saltwater test report or the saltwater destruction report, please contact Thorne & Derrick.

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