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Conduit Rods Duct Rods

Duct Rods

Duct rods are used for running cable draw ropes into ducts or along cable support structures. The high quality glass fibre conduit duct rods can also be used for directly installing small power or data cables.

Duct rods provide a strong, lightweight, labour saving solution for installing cables into ducts or pipes with or without draw ropes – various length conduit rods are available.

Conduit rods are used in pipe and cable pulling operations to assist in the installation of draw ropes, cables and winch wires – conduit duct rods can also be used as part of a CCTV or pipe cleaning system. Each are supplied with a free standing frame for easy handling, site mobility and ground stability.

Using Duct & Conduit Rods

  1. Locate duct rod outside the manhole – place rod on side for secure ground stability
  2. Pull the duct rod tip out from the reel and feed through the locating eye on the rod frame
  3. Feed the rod slowly into the cable duct, manhole or conduit
  4. Manually push the duct rod through the conduit – extra force to access bends
  5. Where the conduit length exceeds the length of duct rod attach additional length of rod
  6. When the duct rod reaches the remote end of the conduit attach the draw rope or pull line to the duct rod tip
  7. From the entrance end of the conduit, pull the duct rod out of the conduit and feed it back into the frame. Do not use mechanical methods to pull the duct rod out of the conduit
  8. Remove the draw rope or pull line from the end of the conduit/duct rod and feed the end of the duct rod through the eye and back into the frame

Use only the recommended duct rods for the size conduit or cable duct – a large diameter rod will not route through bends, and a smaller rod will buckle. If in doubt, contact us.

➡ Conduit rods are available in several diameters and lengths to suit all cable ducting applications.

Duct Rods Conduit Rods

Duct Rods | 4mm 6mm 9mm 11mm 14mm Diameters

Pictured: A fibre engineer shown pulling in over 3 kilometres of Brand Rex type 48 fibre optic cable – the conduit rod is used to feed the fibre cable into the manhole and cable duct over extreme terrain.

Image Property: Ian Ashworth (Managing Director at Networx3 – Blown Fibre & Fibre Optic Installation Specialists).

Duct Rods Conduit Rods
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