Cable Socks

Cable Socks

Cable Socks – Pulling Cables & Overhead Lines | LV MV HV EHV 11kV 33kV up to 400kV

Cable Socks LV MV HV

➡ Complete range of cable socks including single eye, double eye, multi weave, lace up and open ended types for pulling and supporting all types of power, fibre, subsea cables and umbilicals during installation – cable socks are manufactured from either galvanised steel wire, stainless steel wire or non-conductive aramid fibre.

A range of lattice constructions are available – single weave, double weave, triple weave or multi-weave – to achieve the desired cable pulling strength.

Cable socks are designed and engineered to deliver reliable performance for the installation of LV MV HV cables or pipes through ducts, conduits and trenches.

This includes socks to pull, support and protect LV Low Voltage, MV Medium Voltage and HV High Voltage cables into underground trench, cable duct or overhead power line construction – we distribute products for installing Cables & Overhead Head Lines (OHL) including LV, 11kV and 33kV, 132kV, 275kV and 400kV projects to UK and international Transmission & Distribution networks.

Wind Energy Cables

Thorne & Derrick provide high-volume project capacity, quick availability, full test reports and over 40 years supply-chain experience stocking and distributing marine cable grips (socks) and hose restraint grips for applications including onshore and offshore cable installation, support of cables inside the wind turbines and general LV HV cable management. A complete range of cable socks for use in the installation of inter-array and export cables from offshore wind installations.

Pulling & Supporting Power & Subsea Cables in the Wind Sector | Cable Grips

Pulling & Supporting Power & Subsea Cables in the Wind Sector | These cable socks manufactured from offshore/marine grade type 316 Stainless Steel are suitable for use in the renewable energy sector in applications such as cable installation (onshore and offshore), cable support inside wind turbines and cable management – used to pull, protect and support wind turbine cables. Pictured: June 2020 : the first of two export cables, each 37 kilometres in length, has been installed at the nearshore of Thorntonloch Beach as part of construction of the Neart na Gaoithe (NnG) Offshore Wind Farm.

Cable pulling using cable socks is probably the most common form of installation for underground cables and overhead conductors – the 3 most common types:

  1. Single Eye Cable Sock – most common type used and attached to the LV-HV cable end in the direction of the cable pull for high strength applications
  2. Double Eye Cable Sock – can be applied at the cable end in the direction of pull or slid down the LV-HV cable if required, these cable socks allow the cable to pass through the grip between the eyes allowing the load to be taken off the free end of the cable when securing to a termination
  3. Lace-Up Sock – an open type cable grip suitable for attachment mid-span around the LV-HV cable circumference at any point on the cable section

The cable sock is manually slipped on to the end of the cable and the winch rope attached.

On applying tension the sock shrinks diametrically until a firm grip is obtained onto the cable. Care must be taken when using this method to ensure that pulling tension is not excessive, otherwise sheath stretch may result.

Metallic cable socks manufactured from high tensile strength galvanised or stainless steel type 316 provide effective strain relief and temporary support during pulling and installation – specialist Cable SocksAramid (non-metallic) socks are available for sub-sea, live line and cable pulling in potentially explosive atmospheres where sparking is a risk according to the ATEX Directive.

Single or double weave cable socks are available with approximate break loads up to 30,455kgs and diameter range up to 500mm.

In the UK the utility engineering construction standards recommend all pilot and telephone and power cables (LV, 11kV, 20kV, 33kV, 66kV and 132kV) are normally pulled in using a correctly sized cable sock securely fixed to the cable.

More difficult and complex cable pulls may require the use of a pulling eye attached directly to the cable conductors – typically used in conjunction with cable rollers for installation LV up to 132kV underground power cables.

When hand or manual cable pulling techniques are used rather than mechanical methods such as cable winches a correctly sized cable sock or cable stocking is applied to the cable. Typical applications include fault repair work or cable jointing on shorter LV-HV cable lengths.

Galvanised steel, stainless steel and Kevlar coated cable socks with colour coded option are available for pulling all types of heavy load pulls including MV-HV power cables and stringing overhead transmission and distribution lines – suitable for use with bare or insulated cable, conductor or wire.

Array Cable Socks & Support

Cable socks and support grips are available to enable the installation of 33kV 66kV array cables prior to MV HV Jointing & Terminating in windfarm towers, turbines and offshore substations. Suitable for immersion depths up to 300 metres and available in stainless steel or non-metallic aramid material for pulling and supporting submarine and umbilical cables with outside cable diameters up to 500mm.

Cable Socks

HV 275kV-400kV | MV 132kV-66kV-33kV-11kV | LV Cables & Conductors

11kV 33kV 66kV Cable Socks

Cable Socks 11kV

BS6622 11kV 33kV | Single & 3 Core Cables

BS6622/BS7835 |  BS7870 |  BS6883 |  IEC60502

11kV Triplex cable socks available for pulling single core cables at medium voltage (MV) or in bundled formations as well as standard 3 core XLPE, EPR and PILC cables up to 33kV.

Cable socks can be provided for HV-EHV power cables and overhead line conductors depending upon the outside cable diameter and the maximum pulling tension of the cable or conductor – providing strain relief to both underground electric power cables pulled into open trenches or stringing out overhead conductors onto lineside structures.

Open ended cable socks can be used to joining two cables to form a continuous loop.

Cable Socks HV Cables 66kV

Cable Socks | shown here providing safe delivery and offloading of new 66kV Prysmian XLPE cables to an AIS substation. The substation will connect to a previously installed 66/11kV transformer and then into the existing 11kV substation.

Pulling Triplex Cables

The Triplex cable socks (pictured) feature 3 integrated galvanised steel cable grips into a single unit for the pulling-in of medium voltage power cables with cable conductor cross section areas of 95sqmm, 185sqmm, 300sqmm and up to 630sqmm in accordance with BS7870 Standard – this includes 6350/11000/11kV volts grade to BS7870 and 33kV/33000V to BS7870-4.10.

Triplex Cable Socks









See: LV 11kV 33kV Cable Socks & Conductor Grips

Types Of Cable Socks

  • Single & Double Eye (Flexible, Hard or Revolving Eye)
  • Lace Up
  • Open Ended
  • Wind Turbine Support Socks

Cable Socks Non-Conductive For LV ABC Stringing

Non-conductive cable socks or stockings are manufactured from a synthetic high tensile strength material for ABC stringing – available in a range of sizes, as either single weave for normal applications, or double weave when higher cable pulling forces are required. These cable socks are also suitable for use when stringing new LV ABC conductors when working in close proximity to live bare conductors.

Cable Control & Guidance

To support our ranges of cable socks and pulling equipment we also distribute products to promote the safe and efficient installation of overhead conductor and underground cables.

Cable Pulling Socks

ARD Anti Rotational Device – used with fibre optic and OPGW cables to prevent cable twisting and cable damage while stringing over pulling blocks. Contact us for further information.

How To Use Single & Double Eye Cable Socks

Prior to use the condition of the cable sock should always be checked for damage – ensure the correct size of sock is used for the intended cable diameter and approximate breaking strain.

1 Select the correct cable socks for the outside sheath diameter of the cable

2 Widen the lattice at end of cable sock – press end of sock against hard surface to induce expansion on the open end

3 Place the cable sock over the exposed end of the cable

4 Push sock over the cable

5 The cable sock needs to be pushed along cable length so that all the woven lattice is in contact with the cable sheath

6 Once the sock is in place and gripping the cable, 2 clamps should be fitted to the end of the sock. Recommend between 1 1/4″ (30mm) and 2 1/4″ (55mm) from end of the sock

7 Tape should then be wound around the  end of the sock furthest away from the eye ends

8 This will prevent the cable sock from snagging when pulled in

Cable Socks Cable Socks Cable Socks Cable Socks
Cable Socks Cable Socks Cable Socks Cable Socks


Metallic Or Non-metallic Aramid Cable Socks

Cable socks available in galvanised steel, stainless steel, Aramid or Zylon with various lattice options including closed, lace-up or rod for onshore or marine/offshore cable strain relief and pulling installations. Specialist dual weave stainless steel cable socks are available to support electric cables and reduce the strain on cable termination or connection points.

Safety-critical cable socks are used throughout the civil engineering, telecommunications, mining, power generation, marine/offshore, defence/aerospace and rail industry to enable the installation of all types of underground cables or overhead line conductors.

Cable Socks

Single Eye | Double Eye | Lace Up | 11kV 33kV Triplex Cable Socks

High Voltage & Overhead Lines

A range of cable socks for installing Overhead Lines (OHL) including LV, 11kV and 33kV, 132kV, 275kV and 400kV cable and conductor projects within UK and overseas Transmission & Distribution Networks for all common conductors including Horse, Lynx, Upas, Zebra and Araucaria plus earth wires OPGW.

Overhead Line Stringing Socks

Overhead Line Stringing Socks – stringing high-tension wires for electrical transmission and distribution.

Cable Socks & Pulling Products lv mv hv

Complete range of LV, MV and HV cable pulling products for installation and enabling cable jointing in trench or ducts including LV, 11kV/33kV medium voltage (MV), 66kV/132kV high voltage (HV) and EHV transmission and distribution cables up to 400kV.

Cable Socks

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