Multi Weave Cable Socks

Multi Weave Cable Socks

Cable Socks – Multi Weave

Cable Socks

Slingco multi weave cable socks have a triple weave high strength galvanised steel construction for heavy loads, such as stringing overhead high voltage transmission and distribution lines. Available in a full range of sizes from 6-12mm up to 89-102mm, each size of multi weave cable socks are colour coded to allow for quick identification.

Multi weave cable socks can be used with bare or insulated cable, conductor or wire and are fitted with a flexible eye which connects to Slingco line pulling swivels for cable and line pulling applications.

➡ See complete range of cable socks for pulling and laying power, telecom, fibre optic, subsea and umbilical cables into trench, duct or onto overhead line towers – this includes single eye, double eye, open ended and lace-up type cable socks.

Multi Weave Cable Socks

Multi Weave Cable Socks 6-102mm Cable Diameters

Multi Weave Cable Socks – Slingco MU Product Range

Call us should you require technical support to select the correct cable sock for LV MV HV underground cable pulling into substations (11kV 33kV 66kV 132kV) or overhead line stringing onto transmission towers up to 400kV.

Slingco Cable Sock Part Number Colour Code Cable Sock Range Lattice Length Approximate Break Load Of Cable Sock
In mm In mm lb kg
ZCS1710 Dark Green 0.25-0.50 6-12 31 787 7,000 3,170
ZCS1711 Brown 0.50-0.75 12-19 45 1,143 10,500 4,760
ZCS1712 Light Blue 0.75-1.00 19-25 43 1,092 14,100 6,395
ZCS1713 Gold 1.00-1.25 25-32 65 1,651 25,000 11,340
ZCS1714 Black 1.25-1.50 32-38 59 1,499 31,000 14,065
ZCS1715 Red 1.50-1.75 38-44 82 2,083 31,000 14,065
ZCS1716 Dark Blue 1.75-2.25 44-57 82 2,083 49,000 22,230
ZCS1750 Yellow 2.00-2.50 50-63 72 1,829 49,000 22,230
ZCS1751 Orange 2.50-3.00 63-76 72 1,829 49,000 22,230
ZCS1752 Aluminium 3.00-3.50 76-89 74 1,880 49,000 22,230
ZCS1753 Light Green 3.50-4.00 89-102 76 1,930 49,000 22,230
Multi Weave Cable Socks

Cable socks should not be used to their Approximate Breaking Loads – sensible safety factors should be used.

Underground Cable Protection 11kV 33kV

MV & HV Underground Cable Protection – see Stokbord and Tapetile cable covers for protecting 11kV-33kV cables.

Cable Pulling & Duct Products

Class 1 Cable Duct - High Voltage Cables

11kV, 33kV & 132kV Cable Protection

T&D service contractors involved in LV-HV cable installations into ducts, conduits or trenches with an extensive range of Cable Pulling, Laying & Jointing Equipment including cable duct in accordance with ENATS 12 – 24:

  • Power – Class 1 33kV High Voltage Cable Duct
  • Telecoms & Fibre Optic – HDPE Duct & Sub Duct Systems
  • Telecoms & Fibre Optic – PVC Primary Duct Systems
  • Utility – UK DNO’s include SSE, WPD, NPG, UKPN & Scottish Power Cable Duct
  • Joints & Terminations | Cold Shrink Joints | Cold Shrink Terminations | MV HV 11kV 33kV

Pictured: MV-HV Duct. Medium and high voltage power cable protection for 11kV, 33kV and 132kV circuits using Emtelle Class 1 Power-Protect+ cable duct to ENATS 12-24 (2008).

Cable Pulling Cable Laying Equipment

T&D – Suppliers of the complete range of Cable Pulling Equipment for underground cables and overhead lines – including cable socks, cable rollers, duct rods and cable lubricants.

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