Published 16 Sep 2020


The LS 50 FLEX is a battery powered hydraulic punching tool with a highly flexible rotating head and an integrated pressure sensor which increases the service life of the hole punch.

The LS 50 FLEX has an automatic stop allowing the punching tool to last longer than competitors.

hydraulic punching tool

Greenlee Tools

Since 1996, Klauke has expanded its product portfolio with the Greenlee brand. With the focus on punching tools and cable management products.

Cable cutting and crimping tools, manufactured by Klauke and distributed by Thorne & Derrick, are known for their high-quality. Klauke manufacture a range of electrical connection tools for cable crimping, cutting and punching.

LS 50 Promotion

Thorne & Derrick, specialist distributors of Klauke cable crimping and cutting tools, are offering the LS 50 Hydraulic Punching Tool + a set of punches ISO 16-40, at the discounted price of £1,250. ex. delivery & VAT. Contact us to place your order.

Klauke LS 100 FLEX

Klauke LS 50 FLEX


  • Choose your battery system: Bosch or Makita
  • All data can be easily read via Bluetooth
  • Balanced centre of gravity for easy handling and effortless operations
  • LED for work area illumination
  • Energy saving function with motor cut-out after successful operation
  • Manual retract as required
  • Always ready-to-use thanks to battery charge and service display


LS50 Flex Hydraulic Punching Tool

LS 50 Flex Punching Tool Kit Contents

This special offer bundle includes the LS 50 Flex, as well as the Slug Buster® Set ISO 16 – 40 for quick, clean, effortless and burr-free holes. The Slug Buster® set is suitable for mild steel up to 3.5mm thick material.

The Slug Buster has a unique design which splits the produced slug into two parts, making removal quick & easy, and immediately ready for the next hole.

slug buster slug splitter

A slug split into 2 parts

The cable punching tool, as well as the Slug Buster punch set, is used extensively by Panel Builders and Electrical Contractors; perfect for enclosures & gland plates. The set reduces noise & vibration compared to hole-saws, to create exact sized holes with minimal swarf and no-deburring.


Ls 50 Cable Punching Tool Specification


The LS50Flex hydraulic punching tool can be used for stainless steel material, square and rectangular holes.

For the full technical specification visit ⮕  LS 50 Flex Hydraulic Punching Tool


Should you require technical support, product information or a UK demonstration of the LS 50 Cable Punching Tool please do not hesitate to contact us.


Hydraulic Punching Tool Klauke LS 50 FLEX BATTERY Powered

Hydraulic Punching Tool Klauke LS 50 FLEX BATTERY Powered


Klauke Orange Tools

Klauke Orange Tools

Klauke have launched the Orange range of fully insulated cable crimping & cable cutting tools.

The Orange range of insulated tools is a technology advance in the development of battery-powered cabling tools for the cutting and crimping of overhead lines and underground cables.

Thorne Derrick 35

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